Can I Automatically Qualify For Disability Benefits?

There are some conditions that may automatically qualify for Social Security disability benefits. These conditions are part the Social Security Administration's (SSA) program known as the Compassionate Allowances.

The Compassionate Allowance program helps reduce wait time for individuals who are experiencing a serious medical condition. With an expedited claim, those that qualify may begin receiving benefits within a few weeks.

Qualifying With a Compassionate Allowance

When automatically qualifying for benefits under the Compassionate Allowance program, you will need to meet one of the listings within the program. There are over 200 conditions that may qualify for automatic benefits as a Compassionate Allowance. When this happens, you claim will be flagged by the SSA for an expedited claim. If you you not hear back about your claim after a month, it may be best to reach out the SSA directly about qualifying under the Compassionate Allowance.

To make sure you qualify, you will need to make submit medical evidence demonstrating that your claim is severe. This includes evidence like diagnosis, treatment plans, doctors' notes, and more.

Get Help With Your Claim

If you need assistance filing your claim, an attorney may be able to help. They can review your claim to make sure you automatically qualify for benefits and can help present this to the SSA.

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Here is more information about how a specific condition may automatically qualify for benefits: