Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Soft Tissue Sarcoma?

If you have been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, it is a medical condition which has been added to the Social Security Administration (SSA) compassionate allowance list which automatically qualifies you for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has drawn up a list of at least 200 severe medical conditions that automatically qualify the victim for this compassionate allowance. However, this doesn’t mean getting the social security disability payments are completely automatic after you have filed your claim through the SSA with soft tissue sarcoma.

All the medical conditions on the list include criteria which need to be matched which shows your soft tissue sarcoma diagnosis means you can no longer work in paid employment.

What is the Compassionate Allowance List?

Because the medical conditions on the SSA compassionate allowances list include soft tissue sarcoma that means you may be eligible for your social security disability benefits to be processed much faster than normal.

The list has been written specifically for conditions that could be life threatening and can cause severe disabilities such as terminal cancer, disabling genetic disorders and soft tissue sarcoma. This means if you have soft tissue sarcoma you should qualify to receive your disability benefits payments far quicker than usual. The payments typically begin within a month of the social disability benefits claim for soft tissue sarcoma being filed with the SSA.

Qualifying for Disability With Soft Tissue Sarcoma

When the claim for soft tissue sarcoma is evaluated, the officer responsible for the assessment will try to find soft tissue sarcoma on the SSA list of compassionate allowances. If the diagnosis including any test results is included with the claim which shows that the claimant’s disability matches that found for soft tissue sarcoma then the disability payments will begin quickly.

Kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, Schindler disease Type 1 and soft tissue sarcoma are many of the severe life threatening medical conditions that can be found on the compassionate allowances list which will often automatically qualify a victim for fast tracked social security disability benefits.

Before you get your claim for your social security disability benefits approved with soft tissue sarcoma the SSA will want you to include relevant medical evidence which proves that your medical condition matches the criteria found under this listing. To be certain a social security disability benefits claim is approved the medical evidence must indicate that you have been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma.

Medical Evidence Needed to Qualify

The evidence you must provide includes a full medical report which indicates that you have been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and you are no longer able to work. This helps your social security disability claim to be approved under the compassionate allowance listing for soft tissue sarcoma. The following test results will help to confirm you have soft tissue sarcoma:

  • X-rays;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) or PET-CT scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
  • Imaging tests;
  • Computed tomography (CAT or CT) scan;
  • A clinical examination by your doctor.

Next Steps to Take

If you have been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and you have the proof to support your diagnosis, you should instantly qualify for social security disability benefits according to the SSA compassionate allowances’ list. If you contact a disability benefits attorney this will ensure you have provided all the required evidence that will help you to get your disability payments as fast as possible.

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