Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Mastocytosis Type IV?

If you have been diagnosed with mastocytosis type IV it is a medical condition included on the Social Security list for compassionate allowance which should automatically qualify you to receive disability benefits.

In order to process claims quickly for social security disability benefits the Social Security Administration (SSA) has drawn up a list of more than 200 conditions that automatically qualify for compassionate allowance.

Many conditions that can be found on this list provide a set of criteria which shows how serious conditions like mastocytosis type IV has to be in order to be eligible for the faster processing of disability benefits claims.

What is the Compassionate Allowance List?

The conditions that have been included on the SSA list for compassionate allowances are ones that are life changing and can cause severe disabilities caused by diseases like terminal cancers, debilitating genetic disorders and mastocytosis type IV.

This list means anyone who has had the misfortune of being diagnosed with a medical condition on the list including mastocytosis type IV will be entitled to access disability benefits payments as fast as possible. This often occurs within a month of the disability benefits claim being filed with the SSA.

Qualifying for Disability with Mastocytosis Type IV

When the claim for mastocytosis type IV is assessed, the administrator responsible for assessing the claim will first check to see if the mastocytosis type IV condition is on the list of compassionate allowances.

If the test results and medical evidence provided with the claim indicate that the claimant’s medical condition matches mastocytosis type IV found on the list then it will not be long before the disability payments will begin.

Thyroid cancer, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and Schindler disease Type 1 and many other serious life threatening medical conditions are on the compassionate allowances list which will automatically qualify a victim for social security disability benefits.

Before your social security disability benefits with mastocytosis type IV is approved the SSA will request you provide sufficient medical evidence which proves that your medical condition fits the guidelines found under this listing. It is important that the medical evidence provided shows that mastocytosis type IV has been diagnosed.

Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Mastocytosis Type IV?

Medical Evidence Needed to Qualify

The evidence should include a copy of your complete medical report, a history of any treatment and your physician’s report which indicates that the disease is so disabling that you cannot go to work. This allows under the compassionate allowance list for social security disability benefits to be approved for mastocytosis type IV.

Even though mastocytosis type IV qualifies for a compassionate allowance, you provide medical evidence proving that you are disabled by the condition. This includes medical tests that prove you have the medical condition.

To get a reliable diagnosis for mastocytosis Type IV, blood samples are required so that tests can be carried out confirming the presence of the disease in at least 10% of your red blood cells,.

Mast cells, both atypical and typical, are also found present in the bone marrow and other tissues through performing biopsies. A liver function test, a skin biopsy liver, bone scans and skeletal x-rays and CT scans are often conducted as well.

Next Steps to Take

Even though mastocytosis type IV qualifies under the SSA compassionate allowances’ list in order for your claim to be settled quickly you need to contact a disability benefits attorney who will ensure you have the evidence required to support your mastocytosis type IV condition claim.

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