Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis?

If you have the medical condition called primary cardiac amyloidosis due to it being a serious condition it has been included as part of the Social Security Administration’s list of compassionate allowances which can automatically qualify you to apply for and receive disability benefits.

This compassionate allowance was implemented by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2008 so as to lower the time taken to process a social security disability benefits claim for people diagnosed with certain conditions. However considering your claim should take less than 10 days but you still have to submit reliable evidence showing you are suffering from primary cardiac amyloidosis.

What is The Compassionate Allowance List?

The SSA has a complete list of more than 200 disabling conditions that qualify for the compassionate allowance program. The list typically concentrates on listing life threatening conditions.

As long as you possess the medical documentation to prove that you have one of the qualifying conditions, your initial claim will automatically be prioritized by the SSA and should be processed in just 10 days. This is far shorter than many disability benefits claims which can take months before a decision is made.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits with Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis

Medical qualification for a compassionate allowance if you have been diagnosed with primary cardiac amyloidosis isn’t too difficult as long as the diagnosis from your doctor confirms the presence of the condition. The symptoms that will help confirm that you have primary cardiac amyloidosis include the following:

  • fluid retention;
  • excessive urination during the night;
  • heart palpitations;
  • shortness of breath when engaged in any activity;
  • swelling of ankles and legs;
  • difficulty breathing when lying down;
  • fatigue.

Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis?

Medical Evidence Needed to Qualify

Even though the condition, primary cardiac amyloidosis, qualifies for a compassionate allowance, you still need medical records to support your claim. This includes the results of specialist blood tests that are able to detect the presence of the condition.

Also, all patients with suspected primary cardiac amyloidosis should have an ECG. The findings can be helpful in making a reliable diagnosis showing you have primary cardiac amyloidosis.

Next Steps to Take

Filing a claim for disability benefits under the compassionate allowance program for the condition primary cardiac amyloidosis is never as easy as you may think. The SSA demands clear evidence that you are suffering from the condition before the claim is approved.

Even though it is listed on the compassionate allowances program this doesn’t make it any simpler to qualify. You will need to provide evidence through results from medical tests before your claim will be approved.

An attorney can help you compile the evidence and submit your condition under the compassionate allowance program so that your eligibility for disability benefits is approved.

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