Can I Automatically Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits With Bone Cancer?

If you have received a diagnosis for bone cancer, a program managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) called Compassionate Allowance may put you on the fast track to getting a Social Security disability benefits claim approved for financial assistance. Implemented in 2008 by the SSA, the Compassionate Allowance Initiative lists more than 200 conditions that automatically qualify you for disability benefits.

This means you might qualify for financial assistance within one month of submitting a claim to the SSA.

What is the Compassionate Allowance List?

The Compassionate Allowance Initiative allows severely disabled Americans to bypass the often complex and frustrating process of applying for financial assistance because a medical condition makes it impossible to generate income. With an appeals process that can go on for months until there is a resolution, Compassionate Allowance provides seriously disabled American workers with the financial resources to pay for medical bills and the costs associated with daily living expenses.

Applicants for Social Security disability benefits typically have to wait months for a response from the SSA. Qualifying for financial assistance via the Compassionate Allowance list gives you access to financial assistance in a much shorter period that can be as little as a few weeks.

You do not have to spend any more time on the application for financial assistance and payments sent out to approved applicants take little time to process as well. One of the best features of the expedited SSA program is that in some cases, applicants receive retroactive payments the SSA approves after a five-month waiting period.

Medically Qualifying for Compassionate Allowance with Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a disease that can wreak havoc on any bone in the body. The disease can take years to reach a critical stage that requires intensive treatments and rehabilitation. What starts as a dull pain in one area of the body can morph into excruciating pain that makes it difficult to complete ordinary daily tasks, much less work-related job responsibilities. Workers that exert a lot of energy on the job are especially susceptible to the painful symptoms of bone cancer.

If you feel fatigued, swelling in a concentrated area of the body, or intense pain in one or more bones, you might get a compassionate allowance for bone cancer disability benefits approved by the SSA.

Compassionate Allowance - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Medical Evidence Needed to Qualify for Compassionate Allowance

Although bone cancer represents one of the more than 200 medical conditions that make American workers eligible for Compassionate Allowance designation, you still must submit to Your physician should complete a comprehensive physical examination, with the results submitted along with your disability benefits claim. Your family’s medical history of bone cancer, or any cancer for that matter, can indicate a genetic link to the formation of bone cancer.

The team of medical examiners at the SSA wants to review x-rays that display the size, shape, and location of the tumors that have grown in your bones. A bone scan, which sends radioactive material into your blood vessels, can detect the presence of one or more cancerous tumors. Submitting the results of a CT scan should present clear evidence from different angles where the cancerous tumors have grown in the bones. You should also submit the results of an MRI, PET scan, and a biopsy that removes tissue from the cancerous tumors.

Get Help With Your Claim

When it comes to medical evidence, a Social Security attorney can help you gather and organize the results of diagnostic tests that get you fast track approval for Compassionate Allowance. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation on this page to connect with a participating, independent attorney who subscribes to our website.

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