Can I Automatically Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits with Stage IV Breast Cancer?

If you have been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, you can automatically qualify for Social Security Disability benefits via a compassionate allowance. In this article, we’ll explain how the compassionate allowance system works and how to qualify with Stage IV breast cancer.

According to, approximately 12% of U.S. women (one out of eight) will develop some form of breast cancer in her lifetime. While many of these cases are treatable, some of them progress to Stage IV, which means that the cancer has gone beyond the breast and lymph nodes and spread into other areas, such as the bones, lungs, liver, and even the brain.

Qualifying for a Compassionate Allowance with Stage IV Breast Cancer

The compassionate allowance list contains over 200 severely disabling conditions that automatically qualify you for disability benefits. These conditions receive expedited attention because they have a difficult prognosis and there is little to no chance that you will be able to maintain gainful employment while you undergo treatment.

Stage IV breast cancer is one of the conditions that automatically determine you to be disabled, so you could receive a decision within a month of applying instead of having to wait several months for the benefits you need.

To medically qualify for a compassionate allowance for Stage IV breast cancer, you must present medical evidence that the cancer-

  • Has distant metastasis. In other words, it has spread through your body and affected other systems and organs OR;
  • Is inoperable OR;
  • Is unresectable, meaning that the tumors cannot be completely removed through surgery

This evidence is usually in the form of a pathology report and/or operative report, although the SSA may accept the opinion of your treating physician if these reports are unavailable.

As soon as your disability benefits application is received, the Compassionate Allowance systems flags it due to your condition and sends it through an expedited review process. Although the SSA still carefully reviews your application, medical records, and other documentation, having Stage IV breast cancer represents an advanced need that can result in approval in as little as 10 days.

Benefits with Stage IV Breast Cancer

Have Your Case Reviewed by a Disability Lawyer

Although Stage IV breast cancer automatically qualifies you for a compassionate allowance, the process of completing the application and submitting all required documentation can be complicated and arduous, even with your doctor’s help. This is where working with a Social Security Disability lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

A disability attorney can make sure that your application contains all of the information needed for the SSA to confirm your eligibility more quickly. They can also deal with the SSA on your behalf if it has questions or needs additional documentation as well as represent you in any hearings that may arise from a denial. To connect with participating, independent SSD attorneys who subscribe to our website, complete the free evaluation form today.

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