Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Stomach Cancer?

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a frustrating process. Not only can you wait for weeks, if not months to receive an answer, but the symptoms of stomach cancer have also developed into the most advanced stage. You need financial assistance, and you need it fast.

To meet the financial needs of applicants that require fast-track approval financial assistance, the Social Security Administration (SSA) runs a program called Compassionate Allowance. To receive Compassionate Allowance for stomach cancer, you should work with a Social Security lawyer who can expedite the application process.

What is the Compassionate Allowance Program?

Introduced by the SSA in 2008, the Compassionate Allowance program includes a list of more than 200 medical conditions that automatically qualify you for disability benefits. Created to help severely disabled workers pay medical bills and make up for lost wages, the program expedites the claims of eligible workers.

The Compassionate Allowance program also reduces the number of cases the Social Security Administration (SSA) must review to approve or deny claims.

The much faster approval process for Social Security disability benefits is just one feature of the Compassionate Allowance program. The program also fast tracks the approval of compensation for applicants that qualify for disability benefits.

This is an especially important feature for applicants that are on the verge of financial insolvency. Compassionate Allowance triggers Medicare benefits to fill in the financial hole produced by losing your job and getting assistance from the SSA. You might get disability benefits approved for stomach cancer that deliver retroactive financial assistance.

Stomach Cancer and Compassionate Allowance

Also referred to as gastric cancer, stomach cancer typically afflicts men that have reached the age of 40. To receive financial assistance under the Compassionate Allowance program, you have to demonstrate that you suffer from the most serious symptoms of the disease.

Intense pain that can force you off your feet for extended periods represents one of the most common symptoms of severe stomach cancer. Stage four of the disease can lead to invasive medical procedures such as radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Both treatments can produce adverse side effects that compound the seriousness of stomach cancer.

Can I Automatically Qualify for Disability Benefits with Stomach Cancer?

The Submission of Convincing Medical Evidence

A tiny camera threaded into your stomach can provide the first indications of the development of stomach cancer. However, the results of early-stage diagnostic tests are not enough to qualify you for financial assistance under the Compassionate Allowance program.

To qualify for fast-tracked financial assistance, you have to submit medical documents to the SSA that confirm the presence of tumors that have rapidly multiplied to compromise your health significantly. The result of a biopsy test is the most reliable piece of evidence that you suffer from advanced stomach cancer. Other imaging tests back up the biopsy test to help you gain quick approval for financial assistance.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

Many stomach cancer patients file an initial claim with the SSA, only to have their symptoms for stomach cancer rapidly get worse over the course of just a few weeks.

By hiring a Social Security lawyer, you get the legal support you need to get fast-tracked for financial assistance. Your attorney can refer you to a physician that has processed similar cases, as well as organize the medical documents you need to gain approval for Compassionate Allowance.

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