How Do I Apply for a Compassionate Allowance?

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Filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits requires patience, as well as an understanding that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies a significant number of claims for financial assistance.

Does the excessive wait period apply to applicants that live with the most debilitating medical conditions? For years, the SSA made every applicant wait regardless of the severity of the medical condition. However, the SSA implemented the compassionate allowance program, which fast-tracks claims for disability benefits.

If you live with a qualifying medical condition, your claim moves to the front of the list for immediate review.

How Do I Apply For SSD With a Compassionate Allowance?

The standard claim for disability benefits involves submitting an accurate application, as well as medical records that provide evidence for the SSA to review to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Completing an accurate claim can take a considerable amount of time to ensure you present the most convincing case for receiving compensation. Do you have to submit a separate application for disability benefits under the compassionate allowance program?

No, you do not have to submit an additional application to qualify for the compassionate allowances program. All the SSA requires is for applicants to emphasize within the standard application that they seek fast-track approval for disability benefits because they live with a qualifying disease.

Once the SSA detects the presence of a compassionate allowance request on a standard claim, the federal agency places the claim at the top of the list of claims to review.

Although filing a compassionate allowance claim for disability benefits does not automatically qualify you to receive financial assistance, if your medical condition is listed under the compassionate allowance program, you should receive quick approval of your claim.

You can apply for the compassionate program online or by visiting the nearest SSA field office.

What Do I Need When I Apply For SSD With a Compassionate Allowance?

The process for filing a claim for disability benefits with a compassionate allowance is the same as applying for disability benefits by going through the standard filing process.

You must submit an accurate and completely filled-out application to initiate the review process. Just one mistake on your application can lead to the denial of your claim for disability benefits.

Filing a claim for disability benefits with a compassionate allowance requires you to submit persuasive medical evidence, such as the results of diagnostic tests and a prognosis statement from your healthcare provider that predicts the likelihood of your symptoms decreasing in severity.

You also should include a detailed description of all treatment programs and physical therapy sessions.

What Qualifies as a Compassionate Allowance?

The diseases that qualify applicants for fast-track approval through the compassionate allowance program include both rare and common illnesses.

Medical conditions that qualify applicants for the compassionate allowance program include many types of cancer that have advanced into a later stage of development.

Advanced Alzheimer’s disease represents one of the most common types of medical conditions that meet the criteria established for participation in the compassionate allowance program.

The SSA updates its list of medical conditions that qualify for the compassionate allowance program around one time every two years.

In 2022, the SSA added 12 new medical conditions to the compassionate allowances eligibility list.

Schedule a free case evaluation today with a Social Security disability lawyer to determine whether you live with a medical condition that qualifies you for the compassionate allowance program.

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