How Much Does Disability Pay by Condition

The application process for Social Security disability benefits can be long. When you do get approved the amount will be based upon the average of your lifetime earnings. The Social Security Administration will also give you a statement every year that shows you how much you've earned from disability benefits to date, and also includes a disability benefit estimate.

That statement includes estimates of your retirement or survivor’s benefits that you and your family could be eligible for down the road.

Back Pay and Retroactive Payments

Since the application can be lengthy, the SSA gives out back pay based on the date that you became disabled. When you get approved for Social Security disability beenfits, you will receive back pay payments for that time between the date you filed for Social Security and the date your application was approved.

Retroactive payments on the other hand are given for up to 12 months before you applied for Social Security disability benefits if you can prove that you were already disabled during that time. Applicants looking to receive retroactive Social Security disability benefits must prove that they were disabled at least five months before they applied for SSDI benefits.

How to Calculate Your Earnings

The SSA will calculate how much you could get with your disabling condition by the amount of income on which you have paid social security taxes. The SSA will use your earnings history to calculate what is called your average indexed monthly earnings (AIME).

After the SSA will use your AIME to calculate your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). Lastly, when the SSA calculates your PIA, they will use it and adjust it for how old you are, which gives you how much you will receive monthly with your disabling condition.

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