How Much Does Disability Pay With Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a disease that can be transmitted to humans by ticks that thrive off different species of deer. It reddens the skin in circles and appears in patches. After a period of time a bacterial infection may develop which can take a long time to heal.

This means if you contract Lyme disease you will be suffering for some time and you will no longer be able to take part in your normal work duties as you will need time to heal and recover.

You are likely to experience muscle pain, pain in the joints, back and tendons. Any weakness in the legs could make it hard or even impossible to walk long distances, stand for long periods of time, or carry and lift items. You may be able to get SSDI benefits to cover you for this sort of disability.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability (SSDI) Benefits for Lyme Disease

As you will be off work and are likely to be suffering financial hardship you may be eligible to claim Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) by filing a claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

At present there is no listing in the Blue Book for Lyme disease, but an individual who has been diagnosed with the disease could qualify for SSDI benefits through a Blue Book listing to do with severe symptoms. This could be under section 1.00 which covers severe muscle and joint pain which Lyme’s disease sufferers often suffer from.

When you are considered for SSDI benefits, the SSA takes into consideration your age, level of education, work experience, ability to take on work which is less strenuous and whether you have other skills that could be used for employment purposes. You need to provide as much documentation as possible to help provide the needed evidence for your case.

The SSA is in its rights to demand a medical evaluation which it will pay for but then it will choose a physician. This is so they have the right information about the disability you are suffering due to Lyme disease and whether you are fit for work.

How Much Does Disability Pay With Lyme Disease?

Applying For SSDI Benefits and How Much You May Receive

How much you receive for monthly payments for disability benefits will depend on your eligibility for SSDI benefits. If your claim is denied you may be eligible for SSI benefits if you are clearly experiencing financial hardships. SSDI benefits do set some stiff requirements for eligibility which include how much income you have earned and have paid into the Social Security system over time.

Any income you have earned in the past and more recently and how many dependents you have will affect your SSDI calculations. For individuals in 2019, the average SSDI payments were $1,237 monthly.

Anyone who was eligible to claim SSI in 2020 received a monthly payment of $783. To be deemed eligible for SSI you cannot be in receipt of more than $2,000 from any other source or if married it is $3,000. You must also provide proof of assets. Your current home and a one vehicle are not considered to be assessable assets for SSDI benefits. To be eligible for SSI you cannot earn more than $750 per month as an individual and $1,200 per month for a married couple.

You May Need to Hire A Disability Lawyer to Help You with You Lyme Disease Claim

Because Lyme disease is not listed in the blue book qualifying for SSDI benefits is hard to achieve. A disability lawyer knows how your pain and suffering may appear on another listing in the blue book and this can be used to confirm your eligibility for SSDI benefits and s/he will work hard to ensure you do not have to face financial hardship for the affects of Lyme disease.

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