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I Have Cancer and Can’t Work, What Can I Do?

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If you cannot work due to the effects of cancer, then there are options available to help pay for daily living needs. One of these options is applying for disability benefits which are provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to applicants whose cancer prevents them from working for at least 12 months.

Struggling for Care: Massachusetts' Disabled Population Amidst Staff Shortages and the Impact on Disability Benefits

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The COVID-19 pandemic’s long-term effects are still being felt in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Specifically, the pandemic yielded staffing shortages throughout the healthcare industry that have yet to be fully addressed. Although these shortages have the potential to affect anyone, they’ve had a particularly significant impact on the lives of disabled individuals.

America’s Growing Trend: Why People Are Planning to Take Social Security Earlier and Leave Behind Retirement Money

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In recent years many Americans have been rethinking their retirement plans and when they should start collecting their Social Security benefits. Changes in the economy, changes in the workforce, and a sense of financial insecurity are all impacting the decisions that workers are making about Social Security.

20 Ways for You to Live a Richer Life Being Single in Retirement

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In the United States many adults enter their retirement years alone. Estimates are that more than 27% of seniors 65 and older (or more than 20 million people) are living alone. But not having a partner in retirement doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rewarding and fulfilling third act.