What Are My Chances of Winning During Reconsideration?

If you have applied for SSDI or SSI and received a preliminary denial of your claim, you are most likely wondering what your odds of for approval at the reconsideration stage. Most claims receive an initial denial, and several things are considered when you move on to an appeal.

Every case is different and each case is dependent upon medical conditions and their severity. Your odds of being approved for disability benefits generally improve somewhat on the reconsideration level.

It is not uncommon to have your claim to be denied initially. However, you should not give up. Instead, file an appeal so your claim for benefits will be reconsidered. By doing this, you won't be starting the claims process all over and you will improve your odds of backpay and your chances of faster approval. Just remember that the disability claims process is lengthy and complicated. It takes, on average, more than a year for someone to be approved for monthly disability benefits.

Odds of Approval on the Reconsideration Level

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), 85% of reconsiderations are denied benefits. The reconsideration level is after you have initially been denied and you file an appeal asking them to reconsider your claim. When the claim makes it to the hearing level, more than half of the claims are approved nationwide. When a claimant is represented by an attorney or an advocate, the odds of being approved for benefits increases to about 60%. The chances of being approved for benefits on the reconsideration level are impacted by several different things.

  • Can you prove that your condition has continued to worsen over time?
  • Did you give the SSA any additional evidence when you filed your appeal paperwork?
  • Did you call the disability examiner to inform him or her of any recent visits for medical care?
  • Did you comply with all the requests made by Disability Determination Services, such as attending any consultative medical exams that were scheduled for you?

Make sure you keep accurate records of medical appointments, procedures, and even your prescription records. You need documentation to support your claim and show how you are impacted by your health problems.

Here's a little more information on how you might be able to win your claim at the Reconsideration Stage. Even if your claim is denied, you will have a lot of options for continuing your claim.

Denied at the Reconsideration Stage

Tips for Winning SSDI Reconsideration

If your application for disability benefits has been denied, and you decide to file an appeal, you will need to provide more support for your application at the reconsideration stage.

Here are some tips for winning reconsideration:

  1. Read the denial letter carefully so you are clear as to why your claim for disability benefits was denied.
  2. Fill out the right reconsideration forms. These are:
      • Form SSA-561, Request for Reconsideration. This four-page form states that you would like to appeal your claim decision.
      • Form SSA-3441, Disability Report — Appeal asks for any updated or new information pertaining to your medical conditions.
      • Form SSA-827, Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration states you’ll need to give your doctors permission to share your medical information with the SSA.
  3. If you decide to submit a reconsideration, you’ll need to file it within 60 days of the date on your SSA denial letter and no later.
  4. Gather more appropriate information to support your claim such as evidence showing your continuing medical treatment.
  5. Get a good disability lawyer to help you to complete the paperwork to file for reconsideration. If your reconsideration is denied, a lawyer may still be able to help you appeal again and you have a higher chance of winning disability benefits with a lawyer’s expertise. The average SSDI and SSI reconsideration takes 6.1 months (183 days) from the time at which you file your request until you receive a decision.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Having My Claim Approved?

Your best way to improve your odds of getting disability benefits approval is to keep getting medical care and make sure Disability Determination Services is aware of any new medical visits and procedures. Keep Disability Determination Services aware of your situation and make sure you get copies of medical reports to the right person at the SSA. By enlisting the help of a disability attorney or advocate, you significantly boost your chances of approval as well.

If you have filed a claim for disability benefits, you should schedule a consultation with an advocate or lawyer who handles disability claims so you can make sure your claim is on the right track and to significantly improve your odds of approval.

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