How the Blue Book Can Help You with Your Social Security Claim

Are you thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits? If so, you should review the Social Security Administration's Blue Book to see if your condition is deemed a disability by the SSA.

What is the Blue Book?

The Blue Book is the colloquial term for the SSA's manual on eligibility requirements for Social Security disability benefits. All the conditions that qualify for Social Security benefits can be found there.

In order to qualify and be approved for Social Security benefits, your condition will beed to match the criteria outlined in the Blue Book.

How the Blue Book Can Help With Your Claim

The Blue Book lists out what medical evidence you need in order to support your claim for Social Security benefits. One of the most important things to have when applying for disability benefits is a sufficient amount of medical evidence to back up your claim.

A Social Security lawyer or advocate will be able to help you break down the Blue Book listing for your disability. Being able to understand your Blue Book listing will make the process of applying for Social Security benefits a lot easier.

Here's a little more information on how the Blue Book can help you with your Social Security claim:

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