How the Blue Book Can Help with Your Breast Cancer SSD Claim

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the SSA’s Blue Book may help you determine what medical evidence you need to support your claim for social security benefits.

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting women in the US.

How the Blue Book Can Help You Medically Qualify with Breast Cancer

The Blue Book is compiled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) which lists medical conditions which are eligible to receive social security disability benefits.

If an applicant’s condition is so severe that they are diagnosed as permanently disabled and are unable to cope with normal life including going to work the disability assessor will refer to the Blue Book listings to decide if a claimant suffering from breast cancer is eligible to receive disability benefits. Breast cancer is listed with other cancers in Section 13.00 of the Blue Book listings and is called a malignant neoplastic disease.

The SSA’s Blue Book listing for breast cancer is very technical so it is essential to speak with your doctor to see if your breast cancer has spread to the extent that you qualify for disability benefits using the Blue Book.

Typically, the breast cancer will need to have reached stage 3 or above to qualify for disability benefits.

For breast cancer to qualify for you to receive disability benefits, you need to have doctor’s reports or test results that show at least one of the following:

  • the breast cancer is so advanced that it has spread to the chest, skin, or internal mammary nodes;
  • a cancer that has started in the cells of the skin or tissue lining organs which has spread above or below the collarbone;
  • a cancer that has spread to more than ten nearby nodes, or spread to remote parts of the chest;
  • a carcinoma that returns following anti-cancer therapy.

What Medical Evidence Do I Need to Win a Breast Cancer Claim?

The more evidence you provide in your application for Social Security disability benefits describing your breast cancer the higher the likelihood of qualifying for disability benefits.

The quickest way to get approved is to submit all your medical records to the SSA. Some important tests that you should include are:

  • mammograms;
  • biopsy results for the tumor;
  • oncologist’s notes indicating your progress;
  • surgeon’s comments;
  • a list of the treatments you’ve received and how long you have been treated which would include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

If your breast cancer gets worse while you are waiting for your disability benefits claim to be approved, you should contact the SSA; also if you have needed any further treatment for the disease.

Help With Filing for Disability Benefits with Breast Cancer

A lawyer has the experience to help you with your claim for disability benefits when you are suffering from breast cancer. The lawyer will ensure you match all the criteria in the Blue Book for breast cancer.

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