What Happens When Your Claim is Denied?

No one likes to hear that they have been denied Social Security Disability benefits. However, you can’t take the refusal as a personal attack. The fact is that over 60% of first time claims with the Social Security Administration get denied.

There are many reasons why your claim could be denied, but most of the time it is because the right information is not provided on the application. In this case you can file for a “request for reconsideration,” which is essentially an appeal against the decision to reject your initial application for disability benefits.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Apply for Social Security Disability?

Many people are overwhelmed by the Social Security Disability application process. This isn't very surprising when you consider how frustrating the process can be. If you've read the various forums and blogs, you've likely heard more than a few stories about Social Security Disability nightmares. Tales abound about people having legitimate claims denied, waiting years for benefits to begin, being treated unfairly during the appeal process, the list goes on...

How to Prepare for your Social Security Disability Hearing

If your case is remanded to the Social Security Hearings office, previously known as the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA), this could be very good news. According to statistics issued by the Federal government, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) approve over 50% of the claims that get to this level.

Unfortunately, once a Social Security Disability claim is transferred from the local Social Security office to the hearings office, it can take up to a year to get a hearing scheduled. In addition, claimants may hear nothing about their case until the department sends:


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