Why a Disability Lawyer Would Not Take a Case

Individuals who are interested in hiring a Social Security Disability attorney are often surprised when an attorney refuses to represent them in their Social Security Disability case. Why would an attorney turn away a potential client? There are many valid reasons why this may occur.

Reason #1: Your Initial Claim Has Not Been Denied

Understanding Social Security Disability Advocates

There are thousands of Social Security Disability advocates across the United States. What exactly is a Social Security Disability advocate? What do these individuals do? What is the difference between a Social Security Disability advocate and a Social Security Disability attorney? Most importantly, should you use the services of a Social Security Disability advocate to help you with your Social Security Disability claim? Before you consider hiring a Social Security Disability advocate there are some things you need to know...

Can you Work and Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration sets a limit on how much a Social Security Disability benefits recipient or a disability benefits applicant can earn without jeopardizing their eligibility for benefits. This limit is placed on your gross monthly earnings and affects not only your initial application, but also your continuing eligibility to receive benefits once your disability application is approved.

What Happens When Your Claim is Denied?

No one likes to hear that they have been denied Social Security Disability benefits. However, you can’t take the refusal as a personal attack. The fact is that over 60% of first time claims with the Social Security Administration get denied.

There are many reasons why your claim could be denied, but most of the time it is because the right information is not provided on the application. In this case you can file for a “request for reconsideration,” which is essentially an appeal against the decision to reject your initial application for disability benefits.


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