Where Can I Find SSA Documents Online?

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Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can include monthly payments through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), dependent/auxiliary benefits, or all of these.

The application process requires a number of different forms, and while applying will take some time and effort as well as patience, once you’re approved, you’ll have the financial security you need to focus on your health, wellbeing, and on getting on with everyday life.

Forms Required for Disability Applications

The forms necessary for disability applications vary according to the type of benefits for which you’re applying. Many applicants find it helpful to review forms in detail before filing a claim, and the SSA explains how to fill out these documents available on its website.

Can I apply online?

Additionally, you’ll find the SSA’s disability starter kits useful. There’s one for adults and one for children. These kits help explain the forms required, the application process, and the types of documents you’ll need to gather for your benefits claim.

The SSA’s Online Application Portal

All of the forms required for SSDI applications are included in the online application portal. This utility on the SSA’s website walks you through each form and allows you to save your work, so you can complete your claim in multiple sessions, if necessary.

You can additionally use the SSDI online portal to start your SSI application. Most of the forms necessary for SSI are included in this process, and an SSA representative will follow up with you later to finalize your SSI claim.

Searchable and Downloadable SSA Forms

Most of the SSA’s forms are made available via a searchable, online database. Disability forms can be downloaded or printed, and this database additionally includes links forms that can be filled out online.

Information Needed for Applications

The SSA’s website contains a variety of informational pages and links to publications in audio and PDF formats. These pamphlets and pages let you learn about the disability application process and the kinds of information and documentation you’ll need to gather before applying.

The SSA's Blue Book

In addition to filling out the necessary forms, you’ll need to understand the medical records required for proving you’re disabled and therefore eligible for benefits. The SSA’s Blue Book provides detailed information on qualified, disabling conditions and the associated medical documentation requirements. Your doctor can help you understand disability listing details and medical records necessary for approval.

Getting Help with Your Social Security Application

While you can access a lot of information and many forms online, the disability application process can still be intimidating. After all, you have a lot riding on your approval for benefits. You can get help with your claim from an SSA representative by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by visiting your local branch office. A disability advocate or attorney can be an invaluable resource as well, helping you understand the disability application, review, and appeals processes and all of the forms necessary at each stage.

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