Documents to Share With Your Disability Attorney

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Living with a disability creates several challenges, from dealing with negative symptoms to managing finances without a primary source of income. Knowing how to hire a disability attorney can help you navigate the application process for receiving the financial assistance that you deserve. Most disability lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, which means they receive compensation when their clients get paid by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If you have scheduled a free case evaluation with a Social Security disability attorney, what documents do you need to bring to the first meeting?

Documents to Bring with You to a Meeting

A free case evaluation allows you to determine whether you should hire a disability attorney. The first meeting also provides a disability attorney with the information required to help decide whether a potential client has a strong enough case to file a successful claim for Social Security disability benefits. To convince a disability attorney to represent you while you go through the disability benefits application process, you should come to the first meeting prepared to share several documents.

Standard Documents

You cannot expect to receive financial assistance from the SSA unless you prove your citizenship status. This involves giving the disability attorney you might hire a copy of your United States birth certificate. The SSA awards disability benefits to American citizens. If you were not born in the United States, you must prove you have achieved a lawful alien status. The disability attorney that you meet for a free case evaluation also must make a copy of your Social Security card.

Medical Records

Copies of your medical records represent the foundation for submitting a persuasive claim for Social Security disability benefits. Medical examiners from the SSA refer to a medical guide called the Blue Book to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Copies of the results of diagnostic tests demonstrate that you live with a disability, but you have to do more than simply prove you suffer from a disabling medical condition. The medical records that you submit also must show you meet the severity of symptoms standard applied by the SSA. Other medical records you should submit to a disability attorney include a description of treatment programs and a statement that defines the prognosis for you to make a full or partial recovery.

What to Expect at a Meeting with a Disability Lawyer

Because the SSA denies a majority of disability benefit claims, the first meeting establishes the foundation for gathering enough persuasive evidence to get your claim approved.

You can expect to answer a series of questions that focus on the medical records that you bring to the first meeting. After answering the questions asked by the disability attorney you might hire, you should ask questions as well to determine whether you should move forward with retaining legal representation. Questions to ask include what additional information you need to include with your Social Security disability claim application.

You also want to come away from the first meeting with a disability attorney with a detailed explanation of your rights and a thorough discussion that describes the claim filing process.

Get the Legal Support You Deserve

The first meeting with a disability that you might hire gives you the opportunity to make your case for receiving financial assistance. Make sure to come to the meeting prepared with the right documents, as well as a list of questions that help you make a well-informed decision.

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