How an Attorney Can Help Appeal Your SSD Case in Texas

If you have had a Social Security disability claim denied in Texas, you are not alone. Most disability claims are denied. When a claim is denied, you will receive written notification from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that explains why your claim was denied.

You will also be given precise details on how to appeal that decision. If you miss the specified deadline for filing an appeal, you will have to refile and start your claim from scratch. A Social Security attorney in Texas can help you get your claim on the right track.

Why are Social Security Disability Claims Denied in Texas?

There are literally dozens of reasons for disability claims to be denied in Texas, just as they are in the rest of the country. There are a few reasons that stand out more than others, though. Here are the leading causes for claims being denied in Texas.

  • A lack of hard evidence, which could confirm your disability and get your case approved. Disability Determination Services (DDS) wants hard evidence that shows your diagnosis, your symptoms, your treatments and the side effects, and most importantly, your limitations and restrictions. This kind of evidence should be in doctor’s notes that are in your medical records. These are imperative to a successful claim.
  • Many claims are denied because it is a refile. When a claim is denied, there is a reason. Failing to file an appeal and then refiling the claim will get you nowhere fast. What you will get is another claim denial. You will need a disability attorney in Texas to file your appeal and help you correct the problems with your claim that resulted in the initial claim denial.
  • Another mistake that results in claims being denied is the applicant continuing to work part-time and earning too much income. If your income exceeds the limits for substantial gainful activity (SGA), your claim is going to be denied regardless of the severity of your condition. As of 2024, the SGA for an applicant who is not blind is $1,550 per month while the limits for a blind applicant are set at $2,590 monthly.
  • Failing to follow-up with your medical treatment is another reason for claims being denied. DDS needs to know that your condition has not improved. Without follow-up care, they will not know if you have remained in the same condition or if your condition worsened or improved. Continue with follow-up appointments and see specialists.
  • And, last, but not least, failure to cooperate. Sometimes the SSA will need additional information, so you will be contacted by DDS. They will ask you for more medical records, other documentation, and supporting evidence. If you have questions about what they are asking for, you should contact them.

Otherwise, get them what they need by the deadline. Failure to do so will get your claim denied. A disability attorney in Texas can help you with your appeal and ensure that you get all the proper documentation gathered to support your claim.

How an Attorney Can Help Appeal Your SSD Case in Texas

Where are Texas ODARs?

If you have been denied disability benefits and you have appealed, you will eventually file a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge at the Office of Disability and Adjudication Review (ODAR). It can take several months for a hearing to be set. Here are ODARs located in Texas.

  • Dallas Downtown ODAR
Plaza of the Americas, North Tower 700 North Pearl Street, Suite 600
Dallas, Texas 75201

  • Fort Worth ODAR
    27819 Taylor Street
, Room 9A
    Fort Worth, Texas 76102

  • Houston Bissonnet ODAR
9945 Bissonnet Street

    Houston, Texas 77036-8203

Your attorney will prepare you for the hearing and represent you there.

How A Social Security Attorney in Texas Can Help Appeal Your Disability Claim Denial

The entire disability claims process is challenging, but if you are facing a denied claim in Texas, you need the help of a Social Security disability lawyer. These attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose.

Schedule your free case evaluation today, so you can get your claim on the right track and get closer to being approved for monthly benefits.

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