How an Attorney Can Help Your Denied Claim

Has your Social Security disability claim been denied? If so, you still have options for filing an appeal and winning your claim. A Social Security disability attorney or advocate is an invaluable resources when fighting for a disability approval.

What Appeal Stages Are Available?

There are four stages of the Social Security appeals process. Each stage has different approval odds and processes of filing.

The first stage of the appeal process is Reconsideration. Not all states have a Reconsideration stage, but the majority do. You'll simply need to request the SSA to revaluate your claim online within 60 days of your denial. If your request for Reconsideration is denied, your next step in the application process would be filing a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ). This stage is where you have the highest odds of approval.

It is not advisable to continue a claim past your hearing unless you have support from an attorney or an advocate.

Why Should You Work With an Attorney?

There are many reasons to work with an attorney or advocate if your claim was denied. For starters, you'll want someone defending your case if you're presenting your claim in front of an ALJ.

An attorney can also help ensure that all your paperwork was filed correctly for an appeal. If you miss any important deadlines, you may have to completely restart your claim. Here's a little more information on working with an attorney or advocate by state:

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