5 Tips For Winning Your Disability For Meniere’s Disease

If you suffer from Meniere’s Disease and it has left you unable to work, you may apply for disability benefits. Disability claims are often denied when they are initially reviewed. You will need to file an appeal, which is also called a request for reconsideration. There are several things you can do to get your claim approved when you file an appeal.

Tips For Getting Your Disability Claim Approved

If your disability claim is not approved during the initial review, you will need to continue with your claim. You will need to file your request for reconsideration before the deadline that it is indicated in the denial letter. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of having your claim approved:

1. Your denial notice will explain why your claim was denied. You will need to gather supporting medical evidence. To qualify for disability benefits with Meniere’s Disease you will have meet the criteria of Listing 2.07 of the Blue Book. You must be able to provide documentation that shows the following:

  • Frequent episodes of vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Gradual ongoing hearing loss which is evidence through speech audiometry and pure tone AND
  • Caloric or other vestibular test that show disturbed functioning of the vestibular labyrinth

2. You will need to provide copies of hearing tests and their results as conducted by an audiologist. One test is the caloric stimulation test that is performed by pouring warm water and cold water into the ear canal. Your eye movement when the different temperatures of water hit the inner ear will tell the doctor if you have a problem and the severity of that issue.

3. You should provide a detailed list of your health providers and be sure to provide contact details for all those providers. The more detailed documentation that you can provide that show the severity of your condition and how it affects you can help you get your claim approved.

4. Using a residual functional capacity (RFC) form can be helpful to your claim. The RFC is a detailed form completed by your physician that clearly indicates any limitations and restrictions while painting a portrait of what you can and cannot do. As an example, it may indicate that you cannot operate machinery or drive because of ringing in the ears or dizziness. It may indicate that you have communication difficulties because of your loss of hearing so you cannot work well with others or with customers.

5. Enlist the help of an attorney. Having a disability lawyer helping you through the claims process will improve your chance of having your claim approved.

5 Tips For Winning Your Disability For Meniere’s Disease

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If you are unable to work because of Meniere’s Disease, you should enlist the help of a disability lawyer. Disability lawyers take cases on a contingency basis, so your lawyer will not be paid until you win your claim. Complete the Free Case Evaluation today, so an attorney can help you with your disability claims process.

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