Tips for Winning Your Disability Appeal By Condition

Many individuals who are going through the SSDI or SSI Disability process will be rejected for the first time. For those who take the time to appeal, they will receive a better chance of getting accepted.

If your disability application has been rejected, understand how the appeals process works, learn the information and steps to be taken to win the appeal if you don't, you have no chance of winning disability benefits. Also, several applicants whose cases were rejected originally have succeeded in appealing.


First move is to file a reconsideration appeal. If that fails, then you'll want to move your case on to next appeal stage. A reconsideration is a full analysis of your disability claim. This happens at the level of Disability Determination Services (DDS), which is carried out by a professional expert and investigator who was not part of the original decision.

This a called a Residual Capacity Evaluation. Once the disability professional decides that you can't do your job beforehand, the examiner can use the medical-vocational system of the SSA to decide whether you will be able to find another job despite your RFC, your age, your experience, and your skills.

Dealing with a disability is challenging enough, so you don’t need the added stress of filing an appeal. A disability attorney will look up your notice of rejection and file for you and give you an indication of your chances of winning on appeal.

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