Oral Cancers and Social Security Disability

Oral cancers are cancers that specifically affect the cells within the lips, cheeks, tongue, or salivary glands. Some forms of oral cancer can also cause tumors to form in the back or roof of the mouth and the throat. Individuals who smoke or use smokeless tobacco products are considered to be at a higher risk for developing these types of cancers. Symptoms of oral cancer may include:

  • Growths within the mouth
  • Open sores
  • Pain
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Mouth ulcers

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Oral Cancer

There are many different varieties of oral cancer, many of which can be quite aggressive and spread to different areas of the body. Treatments for these cancers can include surgery as well as radiation and chemotherapy. It is rare that an individual undergoing treatment for oral cancer will be able to maintain a regular job, making it necessary to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

When battling oral cancer, you likely do not have many months to apply, reapply, or appeal an application with the Social Security Administration (SSA), which can take as long as two years. This is why the SSA created the Compassionate Allowance program, which makes it easier for individuals with certain conditions to receive approval for benefits. Oral cancer is an example of one of these conditions. However, a diagnosis alone of oral cancer will not necessarily be enough to qualify.

Qualifying for SSD Benefits Due to Oral Cancer

There are specific qualifications you are required to meet, depending upon your type of oral cancer, in order to receive approval for SSD benefits. Your diagnosis and progression much meet at least one of the listings in the SSA blue book.

For example, in order to qualify due to cancer within the salivary glands, it is necessary to provide medical documentation to prove that the cancer has spread beyond the regional lymph nodes in order to qualify under the Compassionate Allowance program.

In general, in order to be considered eligible for SSD benefits due to cancer, individuals need to provide evidence that the cancer has reoccurred after treatment and/or has spread to additional areas of the body.

The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you want to avoid a long drawn-out application experience, you should hire an experienced Social Security Disability attorney to handle your claim. This professional, who understands the complex qualifications you need to meet, can assemble a very strong application that includes all of the necessary medical documents and evidence. It is their job to make it easier for you to finally receive the assistance you need.

Reasons to hire a disability attorney