Applying for Disability Benefits with Fallopian Tube Cancer

The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that people can and do fall seriously ill through no fault of their own. Some of them even become so physically or mentally impaired that they are unable to work enough to support themselves and their families.

This is why two federal disability programs were implemented: one aimed at disabled workers and their families and the other designed for low-income households in serious financial need.

If you have been diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer, you may not only qualify for disability benefits, but you may receive them much faster than other applicants.

Fallopian Tube Cancer Explained

Fallopian tube cancer occurs when malignant cells spread in one or both of your fallopian tubes. It is a relatively rare condition that accounts for around 1% of all gynecologic cancers. Most diagnoses are papillary serous adenocarcinomas, which can form tumors when they invade other parts of your body.

Tumors can also originate in the smooth muscles of the fallopian tube, but this type of cancer is relatively rare.

The signs and symptoms of fallopian tube cancer are both uncomfortable and debilitating. They include internal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and a mass or lump in your pelvis.

This is one of the reasons why having this type of cancer can qualify you for a Compassionate Allowance, which is an expedited consideration and, hopefully, approval of your claim.

Applying for Disability Benefits with Fallopian Tube Cancer

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

All disability applications are carefully reviewed by the SSA, which will see if your condition matches one of the listings in the Blue Book, which is its catalog of disabling medical conditions and the medical criteria for each one.

Fallopian tube cancer is referenced in Listing 13.23: Cancer- Cancers of the female genital tract, which states that you are eligible for disability benefits if you have a diagnosis of fallopian tube cancer that:

  • Has extended to the serosa (a type of membrane tissue) or beyond
  • Is persistent and recurrent even after treatment

As mentioned above, fallopian tube cancer is one of the Compassionate Allowance listings, so depending on the severity of your condition, you could start receiving disability benefits in as little as 20 days.

The Application Process

Applying for disability benefits is a relatively straightforward process. You fill out the application as directed and submit it to the SSA, along with medical records that confirm your diagnosis and outline your treatment history. For fallopian tube cancer, this might include:

  • Results of physical tests, such as an abdominal-pelvic examination
  • Blood work results
  • Image scans such as X-rays, CT scans, and PET scans
  • Biopsy results
  • Cell histology showing small-cell cancer
  • Treatment history as well as your response to each treatment

Although fallopian tube cancer is a Compassionate Allowance condition, there is always the possibility that your claim might be rejected due to errors on the application form, absence of necessary medical records, or even a mistake on the SSA’s part.

To maximize your chances of approval, hiring a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate is a worthwhile investment.

Professional assistance can ensure the integrity of your original application, which can mean the difference between approval and rejection. If the original decision is not in your favor, your attorney or advocate will represent you at the appeal, which is where most claimants have their best opportunity at winning disability benefits.

When it comes to getting the benefits you need, legal support can help you get a favorable decision sooner rather than later.