Back Pain and Social Security Disability

The most common type of chronic pain is back pain. This is largely because a large amount of pressure is placed on your back each day as you stand, sit, crouch, or lift objects. Back pain can be caused due to injuries, repetitive movements, overuse, or medical conditions. Conditions that commonly lead to back pain include:

Symptoms of back pain can include anything from shooting pains to numbness, and can range from mild to very severe.

Applying for Social Security Disability with Back Pain

If chronic pain has significantly restricted your ability to perform every day tasks required of you, it may be time to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews many back pain related applications each year. Unfortunately, many are denied because the SSA expects individuals to be able to work through a certain degree of pain. Applicants will only be approved if their pain is ongoing, severe, and unresponsive to treatments. When applying for assistance, you must demonstrate that it is not possible or safe for you to continue working.

Back Pain and Problems that Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Due to the high volume of back pain related claims submitted, the SSA is particularly stringent when it comes to evaluating back pain applications. In order to receive approval there are specific criteria that you must meet, which may include:

Having a medically determinable cause for back pain. This means that, along with a doctor’s diagnosis, you also have an MRI, x-ray, or another form of documentation that indicates the cause of your pain, which could be nerve root compression, arthritis, or a number of other causes.

  • Your symptoms are severe, frequent, not responding to treatments, and are expected to last for more than 12 months.
  • The severe symptoms you experience cause functional limitation. Your back pain restricts your range of motion or otherwise limits your ability to perform typical daily activities or workplace tasks.

Medical Documentation Needed When Applying for Social Security Disability

When applying for SSD benefits due to back pain, it is essential to establish your credibility by providing ample medical evidence that demonstrates the cause, severity, and frequency of your back pain. This evidence may include:

  • X-rays, MRIs, or other reports illustrating the cause of your pain
  • Physicians’ notes describing your symptoms, limitations, and prognosis
  • History of treatments showing that you have tried to correct the problem, but continue to experience pain
  • Summarization of relevant hospital and clinic visits

The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

Individuals with back problems are among the most frequently rejected for benefits, even when their symptoms are quite severe. A qualified Social Security Disability attorney will be able to help you create the strongest case possible, demonstrating that you meet the requirements for approval. If you truly need financial assistance while struggling with back pain, do not be afraid to seek guidance and support during the application process.

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