How Your Condition Could Qualify After a Denial

Have you been denied Social Security disability benefits? Unfortunately, all-too-many claimants find themselves in this tough position. Nearly 70% of initial claims are denied Social Security disability benefits on the initial application.

What You Can Do if Denied

Fortunately, the SSA has a thorough appeals process available for anyone who has been denied disability benefits. Many claimants end up fighting their cases in court in front of an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ.

A Social Security attorney or advocate can be an invaluable resource for people who have had their initial application denied. You may be wondering exactly what caused the SSA to deny your claim, and an attorney or advocate can help pinpoint exactly what went wrong in your application, and what you can do to improve your chances of approval at a hearing.

Approval Varies by Condition

Depending on what condition you have, getting approved may be more challenging for you than it is for others. Some conditions may be treated in under 12 months, which will cause your claim to be denied. Other conditions may need specific test results to qualify. If you're missing a necessary medical evaluation, your initial claim may be denied as well.

Here is some additional information on why your claim might have been denied, and how you may be able to qualify by condition: