SSA Will No Longer Accept Faxed Applications

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On August 22, 2023 the Social Security Administration announced that that they will no longer be accepting applications by fax. In order to submit an application for any of the different types of benefits that the Social Security Administration offers you’ll have to use another method of submission. In most cases the best way to submit your application and all of the supporting documents is to make an appointment at your local SSA office.

Why Is The SSA Not Accepting Faxed Applications?

During the COVID pandemic when most government offices were understaffed or closed the SSA began accepting faxed applications to speed up the application process. Since most government offices were closed or only open during extremely limited hours the SSA wanted to give people an alternate way that they could submit their applications without having to be in a public space.

But the official Public Health Emergency declared for COVID ended on 5/11/23. After that the SSA decided that faxed applications were not necessary because people could once again submit applications in person at Social Security Administration offices. And the website remains a viable way for people to submit applications as well.

Faxed applications were temporarily accepted as valid because of the COVID pandemic. But now faxed applications are considered to be photocopies of an original application and not valid.

SSA Will No Longer Accept Faxed Applications

How Do I Know If I Have A Valid Application?

Now that faxed applications are no longer considered valid in order for your application to be valid the application must be a signed original and it must be:

  • On a prescribed application form
  • Signed beneath the penalty clause by a proper applicant
  • Filed with SSA
  • The claimant must be alive when the application is filed unless:
    Before death, there was a written statement of intent to claim benefits OR
    Before death, a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) oral inquiry was received OR
    Within 3 months after the month of death, a title II disability application is filed.

If you have questions about the validity of your application the best thing to do is speak with attorney that is experienced in filing Social Security claims.

How Else Can I Submit A Disability Application To the SSA?

There are still many ways that you can submit an application for benefits to the Social Security Administration. For most people the easiest way to submit an application and supporting documents is to make an appointment at a local SSA office and submit the application in person. But, you can also call the SSA and submit an application over the phone. And you can submit your application online through the SSA’s website too.

Get Help With Your Disability Claim

If you have questions about how to fill out a disability claim or what supporting documents you need to increase the chances of approval you should speak with an experienced Social Security disability attorney. Fill out a Free Case Evaluation now and you’ll be connected with an independent Social Security attorney who subscribes to the website and may be able to help with your case.