Can I apply for SSI online?

Although the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not provide SSI online application access, there are a number of resources available on the Internet to help you learn more about how to apply. There are additionally a number of tools offered that let you jumpstart your application and even complete some of your paperwork in advance of your formal application for benefits.

Why Isn’t Online Application Offered for SSI?

Unlike SSDI which is a disability program administered and paid directly by the federal government, SSI benefits are a coordinated state and federal effort. This means state rules and regulations play a part in eligibility, and therefore, applications are handled at the state level.

SSI benefits are additionally available to people in different categories, including the elderly as well as disabled children and adults. Review processes and eligibility determinations vary by group, but the SSA offers a range of SSI online resources for each.

You cannot apply online for Supplement Security Income.

SSI Applications for Disabled Adults

Adults can apply for SSDI via the SSA’s website, and most of the information required in the application forms also pertains to SSI. In fact, the SSA encourages individuals to use the SSDI online application portal as an SSI tool.

After you fill out your online forms and submit them for review, you’ll be contacted by an SSA representative for the rest of the details needed for an SSI claim. You can also use the SSI pamphlet to learn more about eligibility and the application process. The Adult Disability Starter Kit is another handy, SSI online resource that will help you gather the information and documentation you’ll need when filing for SSI.

Applying for SSI for a Disabled Child

When applying for benefits on behalf of a disabled child, a personal interview is necessary. Interviews are usually conducted at the local office, but can also be done over the phone in some cases. Call 1-800-772-1213 to schedule a phone or SSA field office appointment.

The SSA will need a lot of information from you and you can learn more by reviewing the Child Disability Starter Kit. An additional, essential piece of the application is the Child Disability Report, which is among the SSI online forms available via the SSA’s website.

Submitting an SSI Claim as an Elderly Applicant

Elderly individuals that meet income and financial resource eligibility rules can additionally receive monthly support through this need-based program.

There are however no forms for elderly applicants to complete online. They must instead either call the SSA’s main helpline at 1-800-772-1213, or visit the local field office. Applicants can learn more about the program and eligibility requirements via the Internet though, thanks to the SSI online pamphlet for older adults.

Getting Help with an SSI Claim

Although SSI applications can’t be completed entirely online, the SSA does make many resources available via the web. You can research program rules and the supporting documentation the SSA needs in order to find you eligible for benefits. Some forms can be filled out online or downloaded and printed for hardcopy completion too. These allow you to jumpstart your application, potentially hastening the review of your claim in the process.

It can be challenging to understand all the program information and requirements, even with the SSI online tools and resources available to you though. A disability attorney or advocate can assist with deciphering disability publications and forms, help you gather the necessary evidence to support your claim, and potentially increase your chances of disability approval.