SSA Makes It Easier To Access SSI Payments

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The Social Security Administration has made changes to their In-Kind Support and Maintenance calculator to make it easier for the people who receive SSI to calculate their benefit. The change also should result in people who rely on SSI getting a consistent benefit amount that will make it easier for them to budget their money.

“Omitting Food from In-Kind Support and Maintenance” (ISM) Calculation Rule

In the past the Social Security Administration required that anyone who was receiving SSI fill out a form each month documenting any type of in-kind support and maintenance they received. In-kind support and maintenance means any housing, food, or gifts that they receive from family members or friends. The amount of SSI that they received could change based on the amount of in-kind support that they reported.

Social Security started the ISM calculation to make sure that people who were receiving SSI really needed it. They were afraid that people who were low-income would receive housing or food as gifts and the amount of SSI they received would be more than they actually needed.

But in reality, the ISM calculation meant that low-income people who received SSI because they couldn’t work wouldn’t be able to pay for all their living expenses with just their SSI and they were afraid to accept any help from others because they were worried it would put their SSI in jeopardy.

The ISM calculation change means that people who are receiving SSI will no longer have to declare food that they receive as a gift from friends or family and their SSI benefit won’t change if they receive food.

Understanding SSI

SSI is a program the Social Security Administration started to help people who have little to no income, little to no resources, and who have a medical condition or disability that means they are unable to work. Seniors who are over the age of 65 can also qualify for SSI if they have no income and resources.

SSI can be used to pay for housing, food, and other necessities. In some cases parents who are low-income and can’t work because they have a child with a medical condition or disability that requires the parent to care for them full-time can qualify for SSI on behalf of the child. Parents who file for SSI on behalf of a child will need to show that they meet the financial requirements set by the SSA.

Foster parents, grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, and others who have unique circumstances where they are caring for a child may also qualify for SSI if they are low-income and don’t have any resources that can be used to pay for the child’s expenses.

Speak With an SSI Lawyer

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