What Happens If You Skip Your SSA Medical Examination?

The majority of claims are initially denied, and often for reasons that are entirely preventable. One of the biggest mistakes made by people making disability claims is failing to go to their Social Security Disability medical examinations.

If the Social Security Administration has requested you to have a medical examination, it’s a good sign. If the information they had in your file didn’t give them some reason to believe you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, they would simply deny your claim.

The Importance of the Medical Examination

When they order you to have a medical evaluation, they are essentially saying that you may have a valid claim, but they need more precise medical information in order to verify the severity of your disability.

If you don’t show up for a scheduled medical examination, the adjudicator can either reschedule the examination or go ahead and make a decision based on the information they have on hand.

If the SSA had sufficient information on hand to approve your Social Security Disability benefits, they wouldn’t have ordered a medical examination in the first place. Additionally, missing your exam raise unnecessary skepticism amongst decision makers. You are likely to have your disability claim denied if you miss your medical examination.

If You Can't Make Your Examination, Let the SSA Know

If you are completely unable to make a scheduled medical examination due to extenuating circumstances, you should communicate this as soon as possible to the SSA so that they can reschedule your appointment.

If you fail to show up, it will most likely lead to your disability claim being delayed and then denied.

What Happens If  You Don't Go to Your Social Security Disability Medical Examination?

What Else You Need To Know About the Medical Examination

While you should make it a point to be on time for all SSA medical examinations, it’s also important to remember that the doctors they send you to are working on behalf of the SSA. Whenever possible, it is better to have your own doctor handling additional medical testing.

Your doctor is the best qualified to determine the kinds of restrictions that should be placed on you due to your disabilities.

There are some cases when the SSA medical professionals may come to some different conclusions than your doctor. This is due in part to the fact that your doctor is primarily concerned with your health and well-being.

The SSA doctors are primarily concerned with whether or not you are capable of returning to any kind of available work for which you may be qualified.

A Social Security Attorney Can Help

Most Social Security Disability claimants find that working with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help navigate the often difficult disability benefit system.

This is especially true of those claimants who are asked to have a medical examination by SSA personnel.

Whether you choose to be represented by a professional or handle your claim by yourself, don’t miss medical evaluation appointments set for you by the Social Security Administration. If you do, you will surely to delay your claim (often by months) and you’re likely to end up with a denial.

In a best case scenario, you’ll be rescheduled. In any case, the SSA won’t be able to rule in your favor until they have all the medical evidence they need.

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