Top 5 Reasons Why Disability Claims are Denied

Each year the Social Security Administration denies approximately 60 to 70 percent of the initial disability claims that it receives each year. The applicants who receive such a denial of benefits must pursue the disability benefits appeal process in order to obtain the Social Security Disability benefits that they need.

Unfortunately, the pursuit of such a denial may take two years or more to complete. If you want to avoid having your initial disability claim denied, it’s important to understand why so many claims are denied in the first place.

To increase your chances of having your initial claim for benefits approved, make sure you don’t make one of the following mistakes.

1. Lack of Sufficient Medical Evidence

Oftentimes when a Social Security Disability applicant submits a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, they fail to provide the SSA with sufficient objective medical evidence in order to prove their disability claim.

Without this vital evidence, the SSA is forced to deny the applicant’s disability application. If you want to increase your chances of a favorable outcome of your disability claim, it is important that you provide the SSA with as much objective medical evidence as possible.

Remember, it is better to err on the side of caution and that there is no such thing as too much evidence when it comes to a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Review the Blue Book with your doctor to make sure you have all tests and documents required in the listing for the condition you are experiencing.

2. Improperly Completed Claim Forms

There are many forms that must be filled out when submitting a claim for Social Security Disability benefits and these claim forms must be filled out properly if you are going to be awarded the Social Security Disability benefits that you are applying for.

Make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed when filling out your Social Security Disability application paperwork and provide detailed answers to each and every question.

Top 5 Reasons Why Disability Claims are Denied

3. Failure to Comply with a Consultative Exam

Sometimes the Social Security Administration will request that an applicant attend a consultative exam performed by a third-party medical expert.

If you refuse to attend this exam or fail to show up for your appointment, your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is likely to be denied. If the SSA requests that you attend a consultative exam, it is in your best interests to comply with their request.

4. A Case That Just Isn’t Strong Enough

Even though your disability prevents you from performing the work you’ve performed in the past, that does not necessarily mean that the SSA will rule that you are unable to perform any type of work at all.

If the SSA determines that there are other types of work that you can perform, you will be denied Social Security Disability benefits. This is why it is so important that your medical evidence and residual functional capacity forms detail exactly how impairing your disability is in your everyday activities – not just those that are required of your current or most recent job.

5. Failing to Seek Out Legal Help

Many of the Social Security Disability claims that are denied would have been approved had the applicant sought out the services of a qualified disability attorney prior to filing their Social Security Disability paperwork.

These professionals can help an applicant prepare their paperwork properly and will help ensure that the SSA is provided with the medical evidence that will be needed to support the claim for benefits from the Social Security Administration.

While it is true that initial disability claims are denied more often than they are approved, keep the above five facts in mind and your chances of being approved during the initial claim process can increase significantly.

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