Lymphoma, Social Security Disability Benefits, and You

You may have had your job for one month, one year, or even one decade. Either way, it can be a shock when you suffer from an illness or accident that leaves you unable to work. Suddenly, things like buying groceries and paying your bills are impossible due to your new lack of cash flow. At this point, you probably feel stuck.

But fortunately, you do have options. This is the type of situation where Social Security disability benefits can help you. If you file a successful claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that shows that your condition keeps you from holding a job, you could receive monthly benefits to help you make ends meet.

One of the conditions that could help you qualify is lymphoma. With the help of a Social Security disability attorney, you could file a claim that would get you monthly benefits and cover your everyday expenses. In honor of Lymphoma Awareness Month, this article will break down what the month--and the Social Security disability application process--is all about.

Lymphoma Awareness Month

Lymphoma Awareness Month actually falls under Blood Cancer Awareness Month, which is in September. World Lymphoma Awareness Day is on September 15th. The month is associated with the color red, and on September 15th, interested parties are encouraged to use red lighting to light up the outside of their buildings in order to increase awareness.

Qualifying with lymphoma?

It may seem strange to devote so much energy to something like an awareness month. But some people aren’t aware of how common and deadly lymphoma can be. Lymphoma organizations have to engage people to make sure that they understand the seriousness of lymphoma, and it can help patients see that they aren’t alone.

Moreover, awareness months can be very helpful from a fundraising perspective. For example, lymphoma awareness month may encourage people to take a closer look at the disease, and when they do, they may be more inclined to donate money to research, support, and advocacy for lymphoma patients.

How to Qualify for Lymphoma with the Blue Book

Of course, many people with lymphoma need more immediate funding to help them with their day-to-day lives. This is where the Social Security disability benefits come into play if your lymphoma has left you unable to work.

Applicants qualify for benefits based on the Blue Book, which is the Social Security Administration’s guidebook on which diseases can help you qualify. Lymphoma is specifically listed in section 13.05 of the Blue Book (section 13 covers cancer overall), and this indicates that you can get benefits based on having lymphoma alone.

Please note that the Blue Book states that if you have non-aggressive lymphoma, the SSA may choose to wait until after your treatment to adjudicate. That being said, the Blue book also states that if a person has received a bone marrow or stem cell transplant for lymphoma, that person would be considered disabled for twelve months thereafter.

In other words, the SSA recognizes that lymphoma is a serious and debilitating condition, and if you’re suffering from it, you deserve to get benefits to help you survive.

How a Social Security Attorney or Advocate Could Help You Qualify

To get your benefits, you’ll need to file a claim. Normally, that entails gathering up the appropriate medical documentation (doctor’s notes, lab tests, x-rays, etc.) that shows why your condition is debilitating. It sounds straightforward, but Keep in mind that even with lymphoma, it isn’t necessarily easy to file a successful claim for benefits.

That’s why a Social Security disability attorney can be crucial if you want to qualify. That attorney can shed light on the complex process, help you gather the appropriate documents, file your paperwork, and even argue on your behalf at your hearing. This will not only increase your chances of getting the benefits you deserve-- it’ll also let you spend more time on therapy and treatment for your lymphoma.

But where do you even start the process? Fortunately, that part is easy; you can get a free evaluation of your case once you fill out the form right on this site. You’ll be connected to an attorney within minutes, and you can start the process as soon as possible. There’s not a moment to lose.