Can I Help Someone Apply For Disability Benefits?

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Yes, you can help someone apply for disability benefits. However, you should be honest about the medical condition of the person you are helping; otherwise that person’s application may be rejected. If you exaggerate, the SSA is likely to find out as the applicant has to go through a strict assessment procedure before being approved for disability benefits.

Who Can I Help Apply For Disability Benefits?

You can help a friend, family member, spouse etc. as long as they are willing to apply. You can’t force someone to apply even if you think they are likely to be eligible. The person you are assisting will be asked to agree to a ‘Terms of Service Agreement’ and create or log in to their personal ‘My Social Security’ account.

You don’t have to be an authorized representative, but if they would like you to become one you can fill out form. If the person you are helping to apply for disability benefits is unlikely to be available to sign the completed application, any questions on the application form must be answered in the same way that the applicant you are representing would answer them. You may need to ask the applicant for help when answering the questions.

What You Should Know When Helping Someone Apply For SSD

You should never assume that if you are helping someone apply for disability benefits that they will immediately qualify, as many claims are initially denied. An appeal is often necessary to reverse the decision.

One of the keys to winning a claim on behalf of someone else is providing sufficient medical evidence to support the claim. This means current medical test results and an up dated physicians report on the applicants status. Asking your friend or relative to undertake a Residual Functioning Capacity (RFC) assessment will help the person’s application as an RFC is an objective assessment of the person’s physical and mental skills while they are impaired with a severe medical condition.

You need to remember that the wheels of bureaucracy when processing a claim for disability benefits can be slow. In fact it may be several months until the applicant hears the result of the application. This doesn’t mean you should also act slowly. The SSA appreciates prompt responses to any queries about the application. The faster you respond the quicker their decision.


Getting Further Help

If there are parts of the application you are unfamiliar with, you may seek help from an attorney or advocate. Disability attorneys may know what is required to get an application for disability benefits approved. Seeking help from an attorney may increase the chances of a positive outcome to an SSDI claim.

Get Help With an SSD Claim

If you decide to help someone with a medical condition that stops them from working for at least 12 months then the chances are they are more likely to get a successful outcome to their application. However, if you take the Free Case Evaluation to speak with a participating, independent attorney who subscribes to the website, your chances of winning a disability benefits claim for the friend or relative you are helping is likely to be even greater.