SSA Disability Tip: Be Organized When Applying

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One of the most important aspects of applying for SSDI/SSI benefits is making sure that you keep everything organized. Keep track of deadlines, fill out forms completely and correctly, and keep any documents you plan to use up to date.

Keep Track of Deadlines

The first thing you want to do when you begin the process of applying for disability is to get out a calendar and mark down every important date. Mark down the date you first contacted the Social Security Administration (SSA). Mark down the date you handed in your application and then the date that you should hear a decision. While you are waiting for a decision you will most likely see several doctors, so make sure to mark down these dates as well. Also, if you send in any paper work while waiting, mark down those dates as well. If your claim is denied, make sure you mark the dates by which you will have to file an appeal. As you wait to find out about getting social security disability, having dates marked down will help out quite a bit as you will have a clear schedule of what is expected to happen and when it will happen.

Filling Out Forms Correctly

One of the most important things you can do when applying for disability is to make sure you fill out every form completely and accurately. It only takes something small, like missing a line or answering a question incorrectly, to be denied disability benefits. If you have a hard time filling out forms you should have someone else help you. In fact, you might want to think about hiring a disability for this process, as they will make sure everything is filled out correctly.

Along with filling out an SSDI/SSI application completely, the second, vital part of applying for social security benefits is answering questions honestly and correctly. There are several questions where it might be difficult to determine what exactly is being asked. When this happens make sure to ask someone for clarification on what the question means. You might want to contact the SSA or refer to a disability lawyer in these cases.

Keep All Your Documents Organized

During the disability application process, the chances are that you will receive several medical documents pertaining to your condition. It is vital that you keep these documents organized and safe. Any documentation you have which can be used to prove your disability status is important and needs to be treated as such. Remember, you are dealing with a very large bureaucracy and it is not unheard of for documents to get lost. By keeping a copy of every document and keeping it close at hand, you will have some way to deal with any problems that may arise if something does get lost while you wait.

Being organized is a very important part of the disability application process. By doing so not only will you have a good idea of what to expect and when to expect it, but you should be able to go through the application process much quicker. Use a calendar to keep track of important dates, use the services of a disability lawyer, and keep all your documents organized. In the end, this extra work will pay off.

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