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Returning to Work and its Effect on Disability Benefits

You are currently a recipient of Social Security Disability Insurance. There is an improvement in your medical condition that will allow you to go back to your pre-disability occupation. However, you are concerned about whether the improvement is real and whether you can consistently handle the pressures of being back at work. There is a provision in Social Security Disability administration to help you handle this transition phase.

Are Disability Benefits Subject to Child Support Payments?

The children of disabled workers generally receive an auxiliary benefit from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security Disability (SSD) benefit payments are intended to provide financial support for the entire family, including the children living with them. Some disabled workers may also be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits as well as other types of support, like Medicaid and Medicare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and food stamps, among others.

Denial of SSA Disability Benefits Perpetuates Homelessness

According to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, denial of Social Security Disability benefits plays a significant role in perpetuating homelessness for individuals throughout the nation. In a report released May 16, 2012, the Center attributes high denial rates for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income for the homeless to procedural factors in the application and review processes of the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability and the Homeless

Access to the ALJ Decision with Online Representative Services

Anyone who has applied for Social Security Disability benefits knows exactly how long and drawn out the disability claim and appeal process can be. Those who are denied during the initial stage of the disabilitu benefits application(which, itself, takes three to six months to complete) must undergo the process of appealing the decision (which takes another three to six months).

Describing Your Mental Capacity at Your Disability Hearing

Whether you’ve filed a claim for disability benefits based on a mentally disabling condition or have primarily a physical condition which also causes mental capacity issues, you’ll need to adequately describe the limitations you experience in order to be found eligible for benefits. It is sometimes difficult to figure out whether or not you are capable of working.

Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month

May has been denoted as Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month, but for those living with this rare genetic disorder, every day is a challenge. The fact that most people, including those who work for the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Disability Determination Services (DDS), are not familiar with the disorder and the affects it has on those who have it, can make applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) with a diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis an uphill battle.


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