Polio and Social Security Disability

While polio was largely eradicated years ago thanks to vaccinations, there are many people still today who live with what is known as post polio-syndrome or PPS, or other polio related symptoms. Post-polio syndrome generally affects individuals many years after they originally contracted polio. It is believed that those who suffered from severe polio symptoms initially will experience severe post-polio symptoms in the future, in many cases 30 or 40 years after they were originally diagnosed with polio. The symptoms may include:

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Polio

While, for some individuals, the polio symptoms may be mild and manageable; others find the symptoms to be so severe that they are unable to continue working. If your polio symptoms are severe, you may be eligible to receive automatic approval to receive Social Security Disability benefits, and at least experience relief from the financial burdens caused by your condition. You simply must demonstrate that you meet the requirements set forth in the SSD blue book.

How Individuals with Polio Can Qualify for Social Security Disability Assistance

Polio, and post-polio syndrome, are conditions that may meet the requirements of the SSD blue book. The blue book lists medical conditions that merit automatic approval for benefits because the natures of these conditions are believed to be severe enough to restrict anyone from being able to work. One of the categories in the blue book is anterior poliomyelitis. In order to meet the requirements of this listing, at least one of the following statements must be true regarding your symptoms:

  • You consistently have trouble swallowing or breathing
  • You have significant trouble communicating with others due to slurred speech
  • OR

  • You have difficulty using your arms for daily activities, or you require a walker or crutches to walk

If none of the above statements apply to your polio symptoms, but you still find yourself physically unable to perform at any type of job, you may still be able to gain approval for Social Security Disability benefits if you provide adequate medical documentation.

The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

While suffering from polio-related symptoms can be extremely difficult, it is not always simple to receive approval for the Social Security Disability benefits that you definitely need. Many people are turned down for this assistance each year because they were unable to provide the necessary evidence to support their claim. To reduce the chance of this happening to you, enlist the help of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

A SSD attorney will go through each step of the application process with you, and help you obtain and organize all of the documentation and evidence you need in order to clearly meet the necessary requirements. Understanding exactly how the SSA evaluates these cases can be very challenging and confusing; having an attorney providing guidance can remove all of that unnecessary stress and anxiety from the process.