Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Social Security Disability

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin condition that creates cysts and abscesses that are similar to those formed by severe acne. These problems can occur anywhere on the skin, but tend to occur more frequently in areas containing a lot of sweat glands, such as the groin and armpits. The sores also commonly develop around joints, or anywhere else that skin tends to rub together. Especially if left untreated, severe symptoms can develop, including:

  • Inflamed and tender lesions
  • Skin infections
  • Broken skin and puss
  • Itching and irritation

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

As with severe acne, there is no known cure for hidradenitis suppurativa. There are treatments that can be applied to provide relief from the symptoms, and many people are able to function normally with this condition. However, there are also individuals who experience symptoms that are much more severe, and experience very painful symptoms that do not respond favorable to treatments.

If you suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa, and the symptoms significantly limit your ability to work, it may be possible for you to receive Social Security Disability benefits to supplement your income. There are two primary ways that this condition restricts and individual’s ability to function at a job, and those are persistent skin lesions and infections, or difficulty moving and walking. The SSA will evaluate these symptoms in order to determine if you are eligible to receive assistance.

Qualifying for SSD Benefits Due to Hidradenitis Suppurativa Symptoms

The Social Security Disability blue book details the medical conditions, and symptoms, that qualify people to receive approval for benefits. Individuals suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa most frequently qualify under the dermatitis listing. When evaluating your symptoms within this category, the SSA looks for evidence that:

  • You have skin lesions that effect two or more extremities, or on both sides of the groin.
  • AND

  • The skin lesions have persisted for at least three months and have not been responding to treatment.

If your skin lesions do not meet these requirements, it may still be possible to receive approval for benefits based on your limitations. If your hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms affect your ability to use a major joint, including your ability to stand, sit, walk, or use your arms, you may be able to qualify under the dysfunction of a major joint listing. Otherwise, you may be able to qualify by completing a residual functional capacity assessment that will evaluate your specific limitations.

Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney to Help with Your Application

As many people are able to function with hidradenitis suppurativa, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is especially stringent when it comes to the information you must provide to demonstrate that the condition has significantly limited your abilities. Many people are rejected for benefits because they are unable to provide adequate evidence, or do not fully understand how the SSA evaluates these cases.

You can avoid the common mistakes made during the application process by enlisting the services and assistance of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. By hiring an attorney who has successfully handled many of these applications in the past, you can have all of your most difficult questions answered and feel more confident regarding your outcome.