Should I Request An ALJ Hearing With a Spine Disorder?

If you have a spinal disorder that keeps you from working, your claim may be denied under initial review.

You will want to request a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ).

When you appear for your hearing, your claim is much more likely to be approved, with a 46 percent chance of your claim being approved.

A hearing is worth your time and effort.

What To Expect From A Hearing

When you go to a hearing before an ALJ, you will be questioned.

The questions will touch on your spine disorder, any medical treatment you have undergone, your past employment, your educational background, and how your life is affected by the spinal disorder.

You should be prepared to discuss the limitations that your medical problems cause, and how your life is affected by them. Be sure to answer questions accurately and in detail.

A disability attorney can speak for you. Your lawyer can argue your case and speak on your behalf, and in some instances, they may ask you additional questions to give the ALJ a more in-depth look at your condition.

There will be expert witnesses at the hearing, and they will be asked about your spinal disorder and any work you could do with that medical condition.

These experts will provide specific details about your ability to work and continue a specific job.

The expert will also be asked about what jobs they believe you could perform despite your spinal disorder.

The ALJ may ask more questions after hearing from the vocational experts.

There will not be a decision rendered the day of the hearing.

You may not even be notified of the ALJ’s decision until 30 days after the hearing.

Should I Request An ALJ Hearing With a Spine Disorder?

Tips For Success At An ALJ Hearing With A Spine Disorder

When you go for an ALJ hearing for your spinal disorder, you should be represented by a disability attorney.

You should try to arrive at least 30 minutes before your hearing time because if you are late, the judge can dismiss your case.

You should answer all the questions specifically, honestly, and in detail.

Prepare for the questions by practicing the questions with your disability lawyer before the hearing.

You should be very specific about your limitations with working and how your medical symptoms from your spinal disorder affect your daily life and your ability to work.

You should get ready for any questions about gaps in your medical history or facts on your application that could negatively impact your case, and the best way to answer them.

You should be ready to discuss your daily life with a spinal disorder and how it affects your ability to perform routine tasks.

Having An Attorney On Your Side Helps

If you are applying for disability benefits with a spine disorder, you should enlist the help of a disability attorney.

You should not give up hope and continue to the hearing level to get your claim approved. When you have an attorney on your side, you can know what to expect.

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