Should I Request An ALJ Hearing With Multiple Sclerosis?

As one of the most debilitating illnesses, multiple sclerosis appears to be one of the medical conditions that should be on the fast track for the approval of Social Security Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

However, more than 60 percent of all SSDI claims come back denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you suffer from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as loss of vision and severely impaired coordination, you have the right to request an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing to file an appeal of your denied SSDI claim.

What You Need to Know about an ALJ Hearing

They say you cannot get a second chance to make a favorable first impression. However, the American legal system allows for the filing of appeals to question the original decision. Such is the case for SSDI benefits.

Since the SSA denies nearly 66 percent of SSDI claims, there is the possibility that even though you suffer from multiple sclerosis, the SSA might deny your SSDI benefits application. Maybe you did not submit enough convincing evidence or some of the evidence that you filed cannot be substantiated by the medical experts that work for the SSA.

Whatever the reason, you need to arrive at the ALJ hearing with a state licensed Social Security attorney to have the second chance to make a favorable first impression.

You can expect the judge overseeing the ALJ hearing to ask questions that either clarify previously submitted documentation or expound on the relevance of newly submitted evidence.

For example, if you did not submit a comprehensive diagnostic report with your SSDI application, submitting it for an ALJ hearing should prompt the judge to ask additional questions concerning the diagnosis. The judge is particularly interested in learning how multiple sclerosis has negatively impacted your work performance. This is an ideal opportunity to boost the strength of your case by submitting documents issued by your employer that verify how multiple sclerosis has made it impossible to hold down a steady job.

Should I Request An ALJ Hearing With Multiple Sclerosis?

Know How to Win Your Appeal

Hiring a Social Security lawyer is just the first step on the road to winning an SSDI benefits appeal. Your lawyer will prepare you for the hearing by conducting a mock question and answer session. You should come to the ALJ hearing prepared to answer any question posed by the judge overseeing the case.

The most important question to answer is explaining how the severe symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis have prohibited you from working at your current job. As a motor skill deficiency illness, multiple sclerosis prevents professionals from completing the most basic physical maneuvers while at work.

Your employer can help your case by providing documentation and providing anecdotal evidence in the form of sworn testimony.

Get the Financial Compensation You Deserve

Treating and rehabilitating multiple sclerosis symptoms can take years to unfold. The costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation run into the thousands of dollars. Receiving SSDI benefits represents the most effective way to tread financial water.

Working with a highly rated Social Security lawyer can help you recover most, if not all of the income lost because of multiple sclerosis. Contact a state licensed Social Security attorney to determine how to proceed with a request for an ALJ hearing.

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