Should I Request an ALJ Hearing With Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder

If you suffer from a connective tissue disorder you may be unable to work and earn a living. If your disability claim is denied during the initial review and your claim is denied, you can file a request for an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing. Only about 34 percent of claims are approved during the initial review, but almost 50 percent of claims are approved at the hearing level. It is worth pursuing an ALJ hearing to help get your claim approved.

What To Expect From a Hearing

When you reach the ALJ hearing level, you should be prepared and know what to expect. When you go before the ALJ, you will be questioned about your illness, your symptoms, your restrictions, any limitations, and how your ability to work is affected.

There will be a vocational expert and expert witnesses in attendance. They will review your medical records and listen to your testimony to determine what kind of work you can do, if there is any work that you can do.

Your lawyer can speak for you and may even ask you additional questions to help show the ALJ the severity of your condition. Your medical documentation will be reviewed, and a clear picture of your disability should be presented. You should answer everything honestly and in detail.

Tips For Success At an ALJ Hearing With Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder

If you are applying for disability benefits with mixed connective tissue disorder, you should enlist the help of a disability lawyer. When you have a legal counsel representing you, your chances of having your claim approved may increase significantly.

Also, when your claim reaches hearing level, your lawyer can represent you and your lawyer can prepare you for the questioning aspect of the hearing. You should practice answering questions that apply to your medical condition and how your symptoms affect your daily life and your ability to work.

You should arrive at the hearing location at least 30 minutes before time for the hearing. If you are late, the judge may dismiss your claim. Answer all questions honestly, succinctly, and in detail.

As an example, if your job requires that you bend and lift more than 25 pounds repetitively, and your mixed connective tissue disorder causes severe back pain that requires frequent backs and that affects your ability to bend, you should point that out. Also, if the condition has caused weakness and/or arm pain or affected your ability to grasp, you should mention that as well so the ALJ gets an overall picture of your limitations.

Having An Attorney On Your Side Helps

If you are ready to request an ALJ hearing with mixed connective disorder, you should enlist the help of a Social Security disability lawyer. With the help of an attorney, you may be more likely to be awarded disability benefits.

Disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, so your attorney will not be paid until your claim is approved. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation today!

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