Worcester Social Security Disability

Worcester, Massachusetts is the second largest city in the New England states after Boston, and the county seat of Worcester County. It is known as the Heart of the Commonwealth because of its central location and proximity to the large cities of Boston and Springfield. A city with a rich history and diverse economy, Worcester is known as the home of several major manufacturing companies such as the David Clark Company, Saint-Gobain, and Polar Beverages.

Of a population of 175,000, more than 24,000 Worcester residents are disabled and half of these are also unemployed. Disabilities can affect a person’s ability to perform routine tasks and maintain employment, translating to serious lifestyle changes which can leave them vulnerable and dependent. The Social Security Administration (SSA)’s disability programs are a provision for this portion of the population. In order to receive Worcester Social Security Disability benefits, an applicant must provide proof for their disability and inability to sustain an income for a period of 12 months or longer. They must also meet the minimum number of work credits, determined by wages earned in the previous years. Medical conditions are evaluated by the SSA’s Blue Book Listing of Impairments, which helps the SSA determine if an applicant’s condition is severe enough to be completely disabling. Income and work factors are also evaluated to determine if an applicant is indeed unable to complete their previous work or any other type of work. The SSA will only award individuals disability benefits when it is proven that they are completely unable to earn an income because of their disability.

Even though there is a six month waiting period when you are approved for Worcester Social Security Disability benefits, you can receive back pay for previous months you were disabled and unable to earn income.

If you are denied benefits, you can appeal the decision by filing a request for reconsideration, followed by a disability hearing.

Apply for Worcester Social Security Disability Benefits

Although the Social Security Disability application process seems straight-forward enough, it is difficult to be approved for benefits. The SSA’s official guidelines and requirements are laid out on their website, but there are ways to avoid unnecessary delays and unwarranted denials. By employing the specialized services of a Social Security Disability attorney who has experience with the SSA’s policies and procedures, your chances of receiving a swift and positive benefits review greatly increase.

Without assistance, you could be missing vital information which could keep your legitimate case from receiving a positive review and end up waiting months to receive an appeals hearing, only to have your case rejected again.

Even with the assistance of an experienced Worcester Social Security Disability lawyer, your claim may fall in the almost 60% of initial claims which are denied. Having a Worcester Social Security Disability attorney to represent you in court is your final and most probable chance of receiving the benefits you need.

To start the process of filing for Worcester Social Security Disability benefits, contact your Worcester Social Security Disability office at the address below:

Worcester Social Security Disability
Madison Place
51 Myrtle Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Worcester Social Security Disability Resources

Obtaining sufficient medical documentation is important to receiving a Worcester disability benefits approval. If your primary care physician cannot conclusively diagnose your condition or is insufficiently trained to, you will want to consult with other medical professionals, including specialists. If you are currently unemployed, you are probably uninsured and unable to afford expensive medical bills for the exams you need. The following list contains clinics in the Worcester area which offer more affordable or free health care options for the uninsured.

Edward F Frederick DMD
372 Chandler St.
Worcester, MA 01602-3300

Cedar St. Family Clinic
340 Main St. Ste 503
Worcester, MA 01608-1692

Lincoln Primary Care Clinic
Memorial Medical Center
281 Lincoln St.
Worcester, MA 01605-2138

Fallon Clinic Inc
630 Plantation St.
Worcester, MA 01605-2038

Your Worcester Disability Claim

Filing for Worcester Social Security Disability may be necessary if you have become disabled and unable to earn an income. The SSA’s disability programs are a provision which you are entitled to as a former tax-paying employee, and you are encouraged to file as soon as you become disabled to get the process started. Although the initial rejection rate for claims is high, getting the Worcester disability benefits you are entitled to does not have to be complicated or drawn out. Partnering with a Worcester Social Security Disability attorney represents your best chance of a favorable determination for benefits. Contact your Social Security Disability office today for a referral to Worcester Social Security Disability lawyers in your area.

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