Washington, DC Social Security Disability

Washington, DC is located on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and is the nation’s capital. It is the only city in the US that is not located in a state. Its population is a little over 500,000 people and the greater Washington area has the largest percent of adults with advance degrees. Because of the status as the US capital city Washington, DC welcomes about 15 million visitors every year. This brings in about $5.24 billion dollars in spending to the city per year.

In December of 2010 the Social Security Administration (SSA) reported that 12,843 people were receiving social security disability benefits in the District of Colombia.

In order to qualify to receive SSDI you have to have a medical condition that qualifies under the SSAs definition of a disability, and you must have worked at a job that paid into the Social Security system. If you are out of work for a year or more due to a disability and meet the above conditions you may qualify for a monthly cash benefit. Once you start receiving benefits they typically continue until you have the ability to work again on a regular basis. It is important to note that no Social Security benefits are paid out for short term or partial disabilities.

Apply for Washington, DC (District of Colombia) Social Security Disability Benefits

If you need to apply for Washington Social Security Disability benefits then you have a lot of work ahead of you. With over 60% of Social Security claims denied by the SSA you may want to consider getting representation from a Washington, DC disability attorney when you file your claim. When filing your claim having the proper help can prevent such errors as not having the correct medical documentation or having paperwork out of order. A Washington, DC Social Security Disability Attorney is the most qualified person to help. They will act as your official representation to the SSA and will also make sure all of your forms and paperwork is in order. It has been stated in a recent report by the Office of Inspector for the SSA that your chances of receiving SSDI significantly improve when you have a lawyer representing you.

Although we recommend that you have a Washington, DC Social Security attorney from the beginning of your process, many people choose to submit their first application themselves. Unfortunately, many people will get a denial letter at this point. If you have received a denial letter and wish to appeal you have 60 days to do so. At this point having a Washington disability lawyer becomes even more important. Your disability attorney will make sure that you understand the application process, that your documents are filed correctly, that you are getting appropriate medical care, and will get you ready for testimony before a judge. Statistically, 90% of Reconsideration requests are denied, but at the disability hearing stage over 60% are approved. It is worth it to get a lawyer to increase your odds of success.

For your convenience we have listed below the offices where a Washington Social Security applicant can file a Social Security Disability benefits claim:

Washington, DC Social Security
Suite 130 2041 MLK Jr Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020

Washington, DC Social Security Disability Resources

When you are out of work it can be difficult to afford a doctor who will diagnose and treat your condition. Proper diagnosis and medical documentation is one of the keys to qualifying for Washington, DC disability benefits.
Below is a list of free and reduced cost health care centers in the Washington, DC area:

Adams-Morgan Health Clinic
2250 Champlain Street, N.W.
Washington, DC
Phone #: 202.673.7702

Anacostia Center
2041 Martin Luther King Jr Ave., S.E.
Washington, DC 20020
Phone #: 202.889.5255 or 202.678.3000

Anacostia Neighborhood Health Clinic
1328 W Street, S.E.
Washington, DC
Phone #: 202.645.4132

Benning Heights Health Center
46th S.E.
Washington, DC
Phone #: 202-645-4161

Center #17
702 15th Street, N.E.
Washington, DC
Phone #: 202-727-0395

Your Washington, DC Disability Claim

You have the best chances of getting your disability claim approved when you contact a Washington disability attorney first. Your attorney will help you to decide whether or not your claim is worth pursuing. They will help you to get all of your paperwork together and will file it on your behalf. If you are denied benefits after applying, your attorney will represent you as you go through the appeals process.

The good news is that when you hire a disability attorney, the initial consultation is free of charge. You pay only when benefits are awarded. To learn more about the process of hiring a local attorney that specializes in Social Security benefits or to request a free, no obligation evaluation of your disability case, click here.