Warren Social Security Disability

Warren, Michigan is Detroit’s largest suburb, reporting a population of 134,056 in 2010. Though Detroit and the metropolitan area where hit by recent economic hardships, Warren is still home to several major auto industry centers. Other major players in Warren’s economy include the U.S. military and a number of businesses in the manufacturing and food service sectors.

The Social Security Administrations Region 5 office in Chicago serves residents of the city of Warren. The Chicago regional office sees more than 33,000 new claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) annually and handles the distribution of payments to more than 400,000 beneficiaries.

SSDI is for individuals who’ve been unable to hold a job for a period of one year or longer as a result of an extended or permanent disability. In addition to having a disabling condition, you must also have sufficient work credits built up over the last ten years in order to qualify for SSDI under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines. If you do not meet the requirements for SSDI, you may still qualify for SSI.

Apply for Warren Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Warren Social Security Disability benefits is a complex process and can take a number of months to complete. The Social Security Administration (SSA) approves about 29.5 percent of the initial claims seen in the Chicago regional office. The remaining claims – those initially denied benefits – must go through a second review, though only 9.8 percent of SSD applicants are found eligible at this juncture in the process.

The next step for those applicants who are denied benefits is to file an appeal. This puts your case in the cue to be reviewed by an administrative law judge for final determination regarding eligibility. Having the assistance of a Warren Social Security Disability attorney throughout this process increases your chances of receiving SSD benefits.

Most Warren disability claims which are initially denied don’t have correct or sufficient medical records. A Warren disability lawyer can review your case file and ensure that you receive the appropriate medical tests and other procedures for documenting your disability under SSA guidelines. He or she can improve your chances of receiving benefits during the initial or reconsideration reviews and can also argue your case at, and help you prepare for, the appeals hearing as well.

Below is the Social Security office location at which Warren disability benefit claims can be submitted:

Warren Social Security Disability
Ground Floor
15655 E 11 Mile Rd,
Roseville, MI 48066

Anyone living in Warren can apply for SSI (or SSDI) at their closest Social Security office in Michigan.

Warren Social Security Disability Resources

To be deemed eligible for Warren disability benefits under the SSA’s guidelines, you must show you’ve gotten ongoing treatment for the conditions behind your disability. This can be challenging when you have limited income with which to pay for medical care. Here are some of the Warren disability resources for free and low cost medical services, including those Detroit and the Detroit metro area.

St John's Oakland Primary Care Clinic
27472 Schoeenherr Rd, # 130,
Warren, MI 48088

Neighbors Caring for Neighbors Clinics
13355 E. 10 Mile Rd,
Warren, MI 48089

Nolan Family Health Center
111 W 7 Mile Rd,
Highland Park, MI 48203-1968

Advantage Family Health Center
4777 E Outer Dr,
Detroit, MI 48234-3241

The Wellness Plan, East Medical Center
4909 E Outer Dr,
Detroit, MI 48234-3446

DCHC - East Warren
12800 E Warren Ave,
Detroit, MI 48215-2061

The Wellness Plan, Gateway Medical Center
2888 W Grand Blvd,
Detroit, MI 48202-2612

Covenant Woodward Avenue
27776 Woodward Ave,
Royal Oak, MI 48067-0930

Your Warren Disability Claim

Having the appropriate medical documentation in your Warren disability claim is critical to being found eligible for benefits. Before you submit your application to the SSA, you should consider having a Warren Social Security Disability lawyer review your case file. He or she can tell you if any documentation is missing and can assist you in getting the right records included in your file.

A Warren disability attorney can also walk you through the whole application and review process, making it easier to understand and more likely that you’ll be found eligible. Additionally, if you must file an appeal or request reconsideration on your claim, your Warren disability lawyer can assist with these steps as well, including arguing your case before the administrative law judge in the appeal hearing. Warren disability attorneys charge no upfront fees for their services and are only paid if you receive SSD benefits.