Waco Social Security Disability Resources

Waco, Texas, the seat of McLennan County, had a population of 124,805 in 2010. It is a growing city, increasing in population almost 10 percent between 2000 and 2010. The City of Waco ranks among the top five employers in Waco, but the healthcare, education and retail trade industries also factor heavily in the local economy.

Waco’s populous is serviced by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Region 6 district office in Dallas. That office sees around 64,000 new claims each year and distributes Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to more than 630,000 beneficiaries annually.

SSDI is paid to individuals with no income from employment because of total or complete disability lasting twelve or more months. To qualify for SSDI, you must meet the SSA’s disability requirements and have accumulated sufficient work credits throughout the course of your employment. If you do not meet the work credit requirements, you may still be eligible to receive SSI payments.

Apply for Waco Social Security Disability Benefits

The application process for Waco Social Security Disability benefits is long and complicated. The SSA only approves 31.6 percent of initial claims reviewed in Dallas. This leaves all other applicants in the review process, meaning they must request a reconsideration of their application and potentially an appeal as well.

Only 11.2 percent of those who receive a second review of their SSD claim being found eligible for benefits, and the majority of people who are initially denied benefits must proceed through the appeals process, sending their cases in front of an administrative law judge for a final decision. Appeal hearings result in approval ratings of about 45 percent. The majority of claims which are denied benefits throughout the various stages of review are lacking sufficient medical documentation. Having the assistance of a Waco disability attorney can make it more likely you’ll see a favorable determination on your claim for SSD benefits.

Listed below, you will find the local Social Security office which accepts Waco Social Security disability applications:

Waco Social Security Disability Office

1700 Lake Air Dr, Suite A,
Waco, TX 76710

Waco Social Security Disability Resources

Eligibility for disability benefits is based on a several factors, but the medical documentation contained in your application plays a significant role in the SSA’s determination process. You must show you’ve received ongoing medical care. Achieving this with limited income can be difficult. Here are some free and low cost Waco disability resources for receiving medical treatment.

Meyer Center Community Clinic
1226 Washington Ave,
Waco, TX 76701-1127

Family Health Center
1600 Providence Dr,
Waco, TX 76707-2261

Bell’s Hill Community Clinic
2125 Cleveland Ave,
Waco, TX 76706-2921

South 18th Street Community Clinic
1800 Gurley Ln,
Waco, TX 76706-4025

Elm Avenue Community Clinic
609 Elm St,
Waco, TX 76704-2516

Martin Luther King Community Clinic
1911 N Martin Luther King Blvd,
Waco, TX 76704

Bellmead Community Clinic
3400 Bellmead Dr,
Waco, TX 76705-3081

Your Waco Disability Claim

Central to receiving a favorable determination with your Waco Social Security Disability claim is having the right medical documentation in your application. Before you file your application, have a Waco disability attorney look it over. He or she will review your file and can increase your chances of receiving benefits. A Waco disability lawyer can also argue your case at the appeals hearing if necessary, and will be capable of guiding you through the entire application, review and appeals process.Disability attorneys charge no fees upfront and are only paid if you receive SSD benefits.