Vancouver Social Security Disability

Vancouver, Washington is a beautiful city of 161,000 which sits on the Columbia River and is very close to its large neighbor, Portland, Oregon, to the south. Originally named after George Vancouver, a sea captain, it shares its name with the Canadian city in British Columbia. Vancouver’s history stems back to the Lewis and Clark Expeditions and the establishment of Fort Vancouver as a prominent fur trading site for the Hudson’s Bay Company. It was strategic to the industrial age in the northwest, but as this age passed, technological and service industries rose to the top in economic importance. Vancouver is home of Nautilus, Inc., the producer or several big-name health and fitness equipment brands. Because of its proximity to Portland, many of its residents have found and commute to jobs in that city.

17, 972 residents of Vancouver report disabilities, a small percentage of the total population, but significant nonetheless. Over 40% of these disabled residents are also unemployed, certainly not due to the lack of economic opportunity, but to the effects of their disability on performing basic tasks necessary to most jobs.

When a disability strikes, whether due to a severe illness or injury, it leaves many people unemployed and often unable to even take care of their most basic needs. The Social Security Administration’s provision for this is the Social Security Disability program. This is not the same as Social Security benefits, which are given to those who have reached retirement age. SSDI is designed to help those who are of working age but are unable to do so because of a physically or mentally disabling condition which last at least a year.

To qualify for SSDI, you must have previous work history amounting to a minimum number of work credits, or years in which you contributed payroll taxes to Social Security. You must also show financial need by your income level. If there are other incomes in your household, you may not qualify for SSDI.

When you apply, your basic qualifications are considered as well as the proof for your disability, in the form of medical documentation. If the SSA’s determination services decide there is enough proof that your condition is completely disabling, you will be approved for benefits.

Being denied Vancouver disability benefits is not the end of the road, however. You can request a redetermination within 60 days of your rejection for benefits, and if again denied, you can request that your case be heard by an administrative law judge (ALJ) within another 60 days.

Apply for Vancouver Social Security Disability

Vancouver Social Security Disability statistics are tough. The SSA rejects more than 60% of all cases at the first level of the process. One of the top reasons cited for denials is insufficient proof for disability. The number of cases which are processed by the SSA on a yearly basis is only increasing, a phenomenon which is a result of the Baby Boomer generation and other factors. Because of this, your case needs to be very convincing to make it past the scrutiny of the SSA’s determination process. The assistance of a Vancouver Social Security Disability attorney will significantly improve your chances of a favorable determination.

By having your case reviewed by a professional experienced with the SSA’s requirements, you will have a greater chance of identifying the mistakes and holes in your medical proof which could cause your case to be rejected, saving you time and ensuring you receive the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

While applying for Vancouver disability benefits, you may need to contact your local office at the address below.

Vancouver Social Security Disability

6615 E. Fourth Pln. Blvd.
Suite 200
Vancouver, Washington 98661

Vancouver Social Security Disability Benefits Resources

Following the SSA’s Blue Book guidelines for the requirements of a particular condition to be considered a disability is a key step in preparing your Vancouver Social Security Disability application. The medical documentation you provide is vital to a positive determination, so it is important to ensure that you have received all the required or recommended tests to verify your diagnosis, and that your records use the correct terminology. If after consulting with your Vancouver Social Security Disability lawyer, you may determine you are in need of additional tests. As disabled and unemployed people typically don’t have medical insurance, this can be expensive or unaffordable. Contact one of the following clinics which offer low-cost medical care for those who are below certain income levels.

Clinica de Salud Familiar
9102 NE Highway 99 Suite G
Vancouver WA 98665

New Heights Clinic
8000 NE 58th Ave
Vancouver WA 98665

North Portland Health Center
9000 N Lombard St
Portland OR 97203

Free Clinic of SW Washington
4100 Plomondon Street
Vancouver WA 98661

Legacy Clinic Salmon Creek
2101 NE 139th Street Building B Suite 460
Vancouver WA 98686

Your Vancouver Disability Claim

If you are a disabled Vancouver resident, start the Vancouver Social Security Disability application process as soon as possible. Consulting with a Vancouver Social Security Disability attorney is the best way to ensure your application will be processed favorable and quickly.