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Tempe, Arizona is an inner suburb of Phoenix, Arizona which derives its name from the Vale of Tempe in Greece because of similarities in portions of its Salt Valley landscape. The population of Tempe is over 161,000 and growing, as the suburb continues to experience outward from the state capital. Tempe is most famous as the location of Arizona State University’s largest and oldest campus, and as the headquarters of US Airways, a Fortune 500 company. The city is also headquarters to many other large corporations, contributing greatly to the strength of its economy. Tempe was the site of many large sporting events such as the Fiesta Bowls and Super Bowl XXX, and continues as the site of one of the largest New Year’s Eve celebrations known as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party.

In spite of the economic strength of Tempe, there are still those who find it difficult to find work – namely, those with disabilities. Over 18,000 residents of Tempe report disabilities, and 32% of them are unemployed. A disability can affect you physically, mentally or emotionally, and rob you of your ability to provide and care for yourself. If you are a disabled resident of Tempe who is struggling financially because of a lack of income, you should apply for the SSA’s disability program, known as SSDI.

You may qualify for Tempe Social Security Disability if you are unemployed but have previous work history and contributed enough payroll taxes to Social Security. Your income must be at or below the levels set by the SSA as determining financial need.

As for your disability, the SSA uses your medical documentation to determine if your condition is severe enough by their standards to be determined severely disabling using the Blue Book, a listing of qualifying impairments with their accompanying criteria.

If approved for benefits, you can start receiving payments after a 6 month waiting period, and also receive back pay for months you were disabled and received no income.

Being denied Tempe disability benefits involves a two-step appeal process through which you can re-submit your claim.

Apply for Tempe Social Security Disability

If you have read the statistics of the SSA’s approval rates for Tempe disability benefits, it may be disheartening. You may wonder why you should even try since there is more than a 60% chance your claim will be denied and have to go through the appeals process. While it’s true that the SSA’s determination process turns out more denials than approvals, the majority of these cases suffer from a lack of sufficient information to prove their case. The best solution to this problem is to hire a Tempe Social Security Disability lawyer so that you have the best knowledge of what is required to win your case. It is doubtful, as the statistics show, that you will be able to provide a strong enough case without this assistance. If you have already applied for disability and were denied, it’s not too late to contact a Tempe Social Security Disability attorney to ensure you improve your case sufficiently to be awarded benefits in your appeals court hearing.

While in the application process, contact the Social Security office below for any exchange of information or paperwork you may need to complete.

Tempe Social Security Disability
702 W. Jerome Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Tempe Social Security Disability Resources

As the SSA’s Determination Services evaluate your case, they will pull all medical information available and determine if you are truly disabled based on the alignment of your symptoms and conditions with those of the coordinating Blue Book listing. This is why it is very important that your doctors are aware you are filing for disability, and that you are personally familiar with the symptoms and diagnosis required for your condition to qualify as disabling according to the SSA’s standards. Ensure all the details of your medical proof point to a conclusive diagnosis, and do not contradict each other. If you need additional medical services to support your case, you may be assisted by contacting one of the following low-cost clinics designed for low-income and no-income individuals.

Mountain Park Health Center - Tempe
1492 S. Mill Ave. 312
Tempe AZ 85281

Tempe Community Action Agency
2150 E Orange St
Tempe AZ 85281

Guadalupe Family Health Center
5825 E. Calle Guadalupe
Guadalupe AZ 85283

Adelante Healthcare Mesa
2204 S. Dobson Rd. 101
Mesa AZ 85202

Comprehensive Health Center
2525 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85008

Mountain Park Health Care Center - East Phoenix
690 N. Cofco Center Suite 230
Phoenix AZ 85008

Your Tempe Disability Claim

Don’t let a disabling condition keep you from living without your basic needs. Apply for Tempe Social Security Disability benefit with the skilled assistance of a Tempe Social Security Disability lawyer to represent you.