St. Paul Social Security Disability

St. Paul is the capital of the state of Minnesota. The city lies mostly on the northern bank area of the Mississippi river. It is the county seat of Ramsey County and was ranked as the United States’ 15th largest metropolitan area.

The city was originally founded by Native Americans who used the area as a transportation hub and trading center. Now, it is well-known for being the home of the Minnesota Wild, the Xcel Energy Center, and the Upper Midwest’s business hub.

In December 2010, the Social Security Administration (SSA) released a report saying that 115,780 disabled workers are receiving their disability benefits in Minnesota.

There are several qualifications that people who wish to receive social security benefits must meet. They must be out of work or expected to be out of work for at least a year. Their disability must be considered a total disability and must fall under the definition of disabilities by the SSA.

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you must have worked at a job for 5 out of the last 10 years during which you paid FICA taxes. If you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then your net worth must be less than $2,000.

St. Paul Social Security Disability

Apply for St. Paul Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are planning to file for your St. Paul Social Security Disability benefits, then you should start prepping yourself for the disability application process. The process requires detailed paperwork and documentation.

In fact, the SSA rejects more than 60% of Social Security Disability claims. Unfortunately, mistakes on your documentation can cause your claim to be denied.

Due to all of the complications associated with filing for disability benefits, you may want to consider getting a St. Paul disability attorney to help you. A St. Paul Social Security lawyer will help you fill out necessary documentation and file the paperwork on your behalf.

If you have filed a disability claim on your own and have received a letter of rejection you need to act quickly. From the time you receive the letter, you only have 60 days to file a request for reconsideration. More than 90% of request for requests for reconsideration are denied.

Thus, if your reconsideration has been denied, you will have to file for a disability hearing. This is your best chance to get approved for disability benefits, since about 60% of claims are approved that hearing level.

If you have not yet hired a St. Paul Social Security attorney, you should strongly consider hiring one. Your attorney will prep you for your disability hearing and represent you at your disability hearing.

Listed below is the local Social Security office, where a St. Paul disability applicant can file a claim:

St. Paul Social Security Disability
190 5th St E, Suite 800
St. Paul, MN 55101

St. Paul Social Security Disability Resources

Being out of work can cause extreme financial constraints to disabled individuals, making it almost impossible for them to afford paying a medical professional to give them the right diagnosis and medical documentation.

However, getting the appropriate medical documentation is vital to having your claim approved. Listed below is a reduced cost health center that you can visit in the St. Paul area:

Family Health Services Minnesota PA
1050 W Larpenteur Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55113
Phone: 651-487-2831

Your St. Paul Disability Claim

A St. Paul disability attorney can give you the best chances of winning your case. If the only thing stopping you from getting the help of a professional is your problem with money, you can stop worrying because hiring a disability attorney is not as costly as you think it is.

Initial consultation is free of charge and your attorney will not be paid unless you are awarded disability benefits. If you would like to speak with a disability attorney regarding your claim, fill out our Free Disability Evaluation today.

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