Springfield Social Security Disability Resources

Springfield, Missouri acts as the county seat for Greene County. Famously known as the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield has beautiful rolling hills, cliffs, and rivers. In addition, Springfield has a myriad of golf courses and parks, encouraging residents and visitors to engage in physical activity. Nearly three million tourists visit Springfield every year, which helps the city’s massive hotel and resort industry thrive. The city’s climate is similar to that of Chicago, with strong winds and a low average of 30 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

According to collected data, the Social Security Administration gives more than 125,000 residents Social Security Disability payments in the State of Missouri. In order to qualify for Social Security payments in Springfield, one must prove that he or she has a disability that stops them from working and this impediment must be expected to last a minimum twelve months.

Besides suffering from a qualifying disability, a potential applicant living in Springfield must meet the required number of work credits in order to qualify for SSDI disability payments. If he or she has not achieved the required number of applicable work credits and cannot continue to work because of the disability, one may qualify for the SSA’s SSI needs-based disability program only on the condition that household income and asset limitations are met.

By meeting both work credit and disability requirements, one will be given Social Security Disability payments in Springfield, and payments will begin being processed after a six-month wait period, beginning the first day of your disability. Upon being disabled for six months or longer at the time of your approval, disability payments will be sent immediately and throughout the time of your disability.

Apply for Springfield Social Security Disability Benefits

Before beginning your initial application for Social Security Disability payments in Springfield, the first step one should take is to contact a Springfield Social Security Disability lawyer. The SSA disability application process is long and arduous, so one must be sure to fill out all paperwork efficiently and give evidence of your medical condition to the SSA. These two components of the application process are essential to supporting your claim. Without the aid of a seasoned Springfield Social Security Disability attorney, many may become overwhelmed by the process. Since a large pool of disability applicants continue applying without professional counsel, almost two-thirds of their cases are rejected by the SSA.

If initially rejected by the SSA, you must file a disability appeal involving a Request for Reconsideration and a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Although the reconsideration process takes up to three to six months, almost 80 percent of these applicants are rejected and still do not receive their payments. After this stage in the appeal process, one must then partake in a hearing, but even then the wait for a disability hearing can last nearly two years. Therefore it is important to obtain the experience of a Springfield Social Security lawyer because you are more likely to get your benefits by showing the judge the legitimacy of your claim through the experience of your disability lawyer.

The Social Security office responsible for scheduling disability hearings for Springfield is 1570 W Battlefield Street Suite 100.

Springfield Social Security Disability Resources

While submitting your disability claim to this office, it is essential to the success of your case that updated medical records accompany the application for disability benefits. If you do not have any insurance and are having difficulties acquiring the right medical resources, low-cost clinics are available. Below is a list of low-cost clinics that serve the population of Springfield:

Benton Dental Clinic
618 N. Benton Ave
Springfield, MO 65806

Jordan Valley Community Health Center
25861 E. State Hwy 76
Springfield, MO 65814

Jordan Valley Community Health Center
290 E. Central St.
Springfield, MO 65802

Jordan Valley Community Health Center
440 East Tampa St.
Springfield, MO 65806

The Kitchen Medical and Dental Clinic
1630 North Jefferson Avenue
Springfield, MO 65803

Transitions Clinic
323 E. Grand St.
Springfield, MO 65807

Your Springfield Disability Claim

By contacting a Springfield Social Security disability lawyer before starting the Social Security Disability application process, you will improve your chances of being approved for disability aid and avoid the possibility of having to go through the complicated appeals process and a disability hearing. Meeting with a SSD attorney can prove to be very beneficial. He or she will give you their honest opinion on the validity of your claim and the likelihood of being granted financial support. If your attorney thinks that your claim is valid, he or she will help you complete all necessary forms and collect all relevant medical records. If your claim is rejected by the SSA in the first step of the application process, your Springfield disability attorney will continue to provide their opinon throughout the duration of your Social Security disability appeal.