Springfield Social Security Disability

Of all of the cities in the entire area of Western New England, Springfield is the most populous. Located on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River and is one of the two metropolitan areas located in the State of Massachusetts. The city is one of the cities that make up the Pioneer Valley and is the third-largest city in the State of Massachusetts (and the fourth-largest in the entire area of New England).

The Social Security Administration has reported that approximately 146,000 people in the State of Massachusetts are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. As the number of applications increase each year, so does the number of people receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration. If you wish to qualify for disability benefits in the Springfield area, then you must suffer from a long-term disability that is expected to last 12 months or more and the disability that you are suffering from must completely prevent you from performing any type of work activity in the national economy.

When you submit a claim for Social Security Disability benefits to the Social Security Administration, an adjudicator who works for the SSA will review your application and will see if your condition meets one of the published disability guidelines that are listed in the SSA’s Blue Book. If your condition does not meet these guidelines but you are able to prove through objective medical evidence that you are unable to work as a result of your disability, you may still be able qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

If you are able to prove that you qualify for disability benefits due to the severity of your condition and you are approved for disability benefits by the Social Security Administration, your monthly payments will begin after you have met the six-month wait requirement. This six-month wait begins the date the SSA determines you became disabled. If it is determined that you were already disabled for six months at the time of your approval, your benefits will begin right away and you may be entitled to a one-time lump-sum back payment as well.

Apply for Springfield Social Security Disability Benefits

It has been estimated that nearly 70 percent of the initial disability applications that are received by the Social Security Administration each year are denied during the initial stage of the application process. Many experts believe that this is due to the fact that most disability applicants do not understand how to fill out their claim forms properly or they fail to provide the SSA with sufficient objective medical evidence.

If you wish to increase your chances of being awarded Social Security Disability benefits during the initial stage of the application process, you should consider retaining the services of a qualified Springfield Social Security Disability attorney. A qualified Springfield Social Security Disability lawyer will know how to prepare your application paperwork properly and will be able to help you gather the medical evidence that you will need in order to prove your disability to the Social Security Administration. This will enable you to present your claim in the best light possible and will increase your chances of being awarded benefits during the initial stage of the application process, thereby avoiding the need for a disability appeal.

If your initial claim for disability benefits is denied by the Social Security Administration, a disability appeal will be necessary. Fortunately, a Springfield Social Security attorney can represent you through each stage of your disability appeal. If you do have to appeal a denial of your benefits, it is likely that you will need to attend a disability hearing in order to obtain the benefits that you may be entitled to. Do not try to attend this hearing without proper legal representation. Statistics have shown that applicants who are represented by an attorney during the hearing stage of the application process are more likely to be awarded benefits than applicants who choose to represent themselves.

The Social Security office that is in charge of processing the claims for Springfield disability applicants is located at 70 Bond Street.

Springfield Social Security Disability Resources

When you file your disability claim with this office, it is important that you provide current medical records along with your application for Social Security Disability benefits. If you cannot afford the health care services that will provide you with the current medical evidence that you need, low-cost medical clinics may be the answer you have been looking for. Some of the low-cost clinics that serve residents in the Springfield area include:

Annie's House
20 Wilbraham Ave.
Springfield MA 01109

Baystate Brightwood Health Center
380 Plainfield St.
Springfield MA 01107

Baystate Mason Square Neighborhood Health Center
11 Wilbraham Road
Springfield MA 01109

Caring Health Center
1040 Main St.
Springfield MA 01103

Caring Health Center/Forest Park - Dental/Oral Health Care
532 Sumner Ave
Springfield MA 01108

Center for Human Development (CHD)
332 Birnie Ave.
Springfield MA 01107

Hsh Dental Clinic
769 Worthington St.
Springfield MA 01105

Laragione Rehab Center
179 Saint James Ave.
Springfield MA 01109

Smith Clinic
93 State St.
Springfield MA 01103

Your Springfield Disability Claim

If you don’t want to wait more than two years before seeing your first Social Security Disability payment, you should contact a Springfield disability attorney as soon as possible and definitely prior to submitting your initial Social Security Disability claim. Fortunately, the services of these professionals do not have to cost you out of out-of-pocket expense. Springfield disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, collecting 25 percent of the back pay that you are awarded by the Social Security Administration (up to a limit of $6,000).

When you meet with a Springfield Social Security Disability attorney, the professional you hire will provide you with advice regarding whether or not your claim is a viable one and if your attorney thinks you have a case, he or she will help you prepare your Social Security Disability claim. If, for some reason, that claim is denied, your attorney will be able to represent you through each stage of your Social Security Disability appeal.