Santa Rosa Social Security Disability Resources

Santa Rosa, California, the capital of Sonoma County, is a city of 167,000 and the largest city in the middle of some California’s largest and most famous wineries in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, collectively known as Wine Country. Santa Rosa’s history includes significant impact from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, largely due to its location on a major fault line. Since then, the city has rebuilt itself and finds success from the tourism stimulated from the wine industry as well as neighboring resorts and attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, national parks, and museums.

Of the 167,000 residents, 18,500 Santa Rosa residents from ages 5-64 have a reported physical disability. Due to the stimulation of the tourist industry in the area, a small 20% of these residents who are of working age are unemployed. However, if you live in Santa Rosa and have experienced the disabling effects of a disability, you may fall among this 20%. Getting the help you need to carry out a normal life is vital while you are unable to earn an income and the reason why you should apply for the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Disability programs.

If you are of working age and have previously been employed, you may qualify for SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance. Benefits are awarded to applicants who meet the basis income and work history requirements and provide sufficient evidence that their physical or mental disability has caused them to lose their job, forced them to quit, or otherwise disabled them from performing work of any kind. You must be able to prove that your disability will continue for at least 12 months.

The SSA’s determination services will evaluate your case and either except or reject your application for Santa Rosa disability benefits. If you are granted benefits, you can expect to wait 6 months before you receive your first check, but you can file for back pay for as many months as you were disabled and unemployed, up to a year.

Apply for Santa Rosa Social Security Disability Benefits

When you are disabled and unable to work, it is important to file for Santa Rosa Social Security Disability as soon as possible, since the process is known to take some time. The SSA faces thousands of cases each year, and the number of new cases each year only continues to increase. Considering the number of disability applications which must be processed each year and the necessity of approving only valid cases, it is important that your application is complete, accurate, and contains convincing medical evidence of your disability in order to be accepted. This can be a daunting task without the guidance of a Santa Rosa Social Security Disability attorney, who is experienced in assisting Santa Rosa and area residents complete and file their SSDI application.

As you may already know, the approval rate for first-time disability claims is very low. A Santa Rosa Social Security Disability lawyer has the necessary skills and resources to help you beat the statistics and receive your benefits without waiting months or years. If you are concerned about the expense, a Santa Rosa Social Security Disability attorney is able to negotiate payment based on your receipt of benefits.

Contact the SSA’s branch office in Santa Rosa at the address below for any questions or paperwork.

Santa Rosa Social Security
Building A
2099 Range Ave.
Santa Rosa, California 95401

Santa Rosa Social Security Disability Resources

Medical documentation is one of the key deciding factors in the SSA’s determination of your case, and could mean the difference between your Santa Rosa Social Security Disability case being approved or denied benefits. Consult with your Santa Rosa Social Security Disability attorney to determine if any of your medical records need to be updated or supplemented with additional evidence from newer or alternate tests and medical consultation. If you are in need of additional medical documentation, here is a list of affordable health clinics in Santa Rosa which offer reduced-rate or free care for those who fall below certain income levels.

Sonoma County Indian Health Project
144 Stony Point Rd.
Santa Rosa CA 95401

Southwest Community Health Center
465 A Street
Santa Rosa CA 95401

Southwest Community Health Center
751 Lombardi Court B
Santa Rosa CA 95407

Elsie Allen Health Center
599 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa CA 95407

Interlink Self-Help Center
1033 4th Street
Santa Rosa CA 95404

Your Santa Rosa Disability Claim

Even in a thriving economy, those with disabilities can find it impossible to earn a living because of how their condition affects their completion of everyday tasks most of us take for granted. Finding the assistance you need from Santa Rosa disability benefits can be challenging, but with the help of a Santa Rosa Social Security Disability lawyer to assist and represent you, most certainly attainable.