Santa Clarita Social Security Disability Resources

The city of Santa Clarita, California is an example of what is now being termed a ‘boomburg,’ or a highly-populated outgrowth of a large metropolis, which in this case is Los Angeles, California. While large, boomburgs remain more like suburbs than cities. Santa Clarita is located to the Northwest of Los Angeles, and boasted a population of over 176,000 in the 2010 census, up more than 16% from 2000. It’s most notable features are its Six Flags theme park, also one of its largest employers, and the California Institute of the Arts. Its proximity to Los Angeles has also made it the setting for numerous movies and television shows throughout the years.

Although the number of people reporting a disability among the large population in Santa Clarita is relatively low at 13,000, 39% of these residents are unemployed. Even in a large, thriving city there are individuals who are in need of assistance from the SSA’s Social Security Disability Insurance benefits program.

If you are one of the residents in Santa Clarita who is struggling with a disability which you expect to leave you unable to work for at least a year, you may be eligible to receive Santa Clarita disability benefits. The SSDI program is available for those who meet the minimum required work credits through Social Security payroll tax contributions, and qualify as disabled according to the SSA’s guidelines. The SSA’s Blue Book lists impairments which are qualifying for disability. Whatever your disability, you must provide sufficient medical documentation for it, including proof that it is severe enough to keep you from holding a job of any kind.

A review of your application may take several weeks to process. If you are approved for benefits, you may expect to receive the standard amount within 6 months, with the option of back pay for previous months you were disabled and not receiving benefits. If you are not approved, you may submit a request for redetermination, and if rejected again, will have to wait for a hearing before an SSA Administrative Law Judge.

Apply for Santa Clarita Social Security Disability

It’s important to note that getting approved for SSDI is not easy. The process may take several months, and reasons for rejecting claims are at the discretion of the Social Security Administration’s determination services. In spite of the discouraging statistics and backlog of cases, it is still worthwhile to apply for Santa Clarita disability benefits, with the recommendation that you hire a Santa Clarita Social Security Disability lawyer to assist you. With the help of a disability attorney, you are more likely to receive a favorable outcome. Santa Clarita Social Security Disability attorneys know the procedures and requirements of the SSA better than anyone because it’s their specialization. As your attorney, they will assist you in obtaining and properly submitting all the necessary medical documentation to most solidly prove your disability status.

Contacting a Santa Clarita Social Security Disability attorney before you file for SSDI is highly recommended to avoid mistakes, delays, and relieve any uncertainties about the process. If you need to contact your Santa Clarita disability office for information, the address is below:

Santa Clarita Disability
3rd Floor, Suite 303
23504 Lyons Avenue
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Santa Clarita Social Security Disability Resources

Getting the benefits you need to accommodate your disability is vital, and the most important thing you must do to ensure you are successful is have the correct, most updated documentation for your condition. If your exams are more than a year old or you have experienced changes in your condition which require additional tests, it is important to have the most up to date and accurate information. The SSA uses the medical documentation you provide almost exclusively to determine if you are eligible for Santa Clarita disability benefits. If you are in need of affordable healthcare and consultation services for Social Security disability, consider the following list of low-cost and income-based clinics in the Santa Clarita area.

Northeast Valley Health Corp
23763 Valencia Blvd
Valencia, CA 91355-2105

Dr Fishman Medical Office
Bruce Fishman
23502 Lyons Ave Ste 202a
Santa Clarita, CA 91321-2538

Santa Clarita Health Center
18533 Soledad Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita CA 91351

Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers -Outreach-College of the Canyons
Student Center - Valencia, Canyon Country Campuses
Santa Clarita CA 91351

LAC - Valencia Health Center
23763 Valencia Blvd
Valencia CA 91355

Your Santa Clarita Disability Claim

Living with a disability is difficult on many levels, and financial stresses often become one of the top concerns. If you have been diagnosed with a disabling condition which is listed in the SSA’s Blue Book if impairments, and if you meet the other requirements, you may be able to receive Santa Clarita disability benefits. Contact a Santa Clarita Social Security Disability attorney to ensure your application is error-free and that you are utilizing every possible resource to ensure your benefits approval.